Automotive Trends 2016

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Can technology-enabled collaborative consumption drive prosperity in Africa?
Can technology-enabled collaborative consumption drive prosperity in Africa?

The last few years has seen a substantial rise in wealth accumulation in the global commerce. Oxfam indicates that by 2016, the wealthiest 1% of the world population, will own more than 50%...

By Ntando Kubheka 3 Feb 2016 08:42

Image source: BDlive
Photographer: Puxley Makgatho
Exports give Mercedes sales impetus

Mercedes-Benz SA is exporting nearly 90% of C-Class production at its East London assembly plant, as the addition of new foreign markets compensates for a continuing industrywide slide in domestic sales...

By David Furlonger 3 Feb 2016 12:20

©stocksolutions via 123RF
Used market gains momentum as new car sales slump

New vehicle sales saw a sharp decline in the first month of 2016, reflecting the current mood in South Africa's economy. The latest consolidated sales data from the National Association of Automobile...

2 Feb 2016 10:10

Getting to know Women on Wheels editor Juliet McGuire
Getting to know Women on Wheels editor Juliet McGuire

Juliet McGuire has taken over the role as editor of SA female motoring magazine...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 29 Jan 2016 14:37

©Vereshchagin Dmitry via 123RF
Honda nine-month operating profit falls on exploding airbag costs

Honda reported a fall in nine-month operating profit due to "quality-related" costs, seen as linked to an exploding airbag crisis...

29 Jan 2016 12:29

©Alexandr Blinov via 123RF
Toyota keeps top global automaker crown

Toyota kept its title as the world's biggest automaker after posting global sales of 10.15 million vehicles for 2015, outpacing scandal-hit Volkswagen...

28 Jan 2016 08:49

©Serdar Basak via 123RF
Hyundai posts lowest profit in five years

A strong local currency and slowing sales in the key Chinese market pummelled South Korea's Hyundai Motor in 2015, with the automaker reporting its lowest annual profit...

27 Jan 2016 08:26

©Sergey Soldatov via 123RF
Key considerations when signing your vehicle finance contract

From the second you lay eyes on your dream car to the magical moment where you're given the keys, buying a car is undoubtedly exciting. However, it's important to acquaint yourself...

26 Jan 2016 09:37

©goodluz via 123RF
Digitising the showroom experience

Automotive dealers can take advantage of the latest in mobile, cloud and beacon technology - to digitise their showrooms and distinguish themselves...

By Michael Frans 25 Jan 2016 11:32

©georgejmclittle via 123RF
GM debuts car-sharing, 'personal mobility' brand

General Motors said it was launching a US car-sharing service under a new 'personal mobility' brand dubbed Maven. GM said Maven, which will compete with services...

22 Jan 2016 11:30

©Gjermund Alsos via 123RF
Motor sales increase 2.8% year on year in November

Measured in nominal terms (current prices), motor trade sales increased 2.8% year on year in November, Stats SA data showed...

22 Jan 2016 14:43

©Ferenc Szelepcsenyi via 123RF
First Car Rental extends its world-class Show&Go facilities

First Car Rental's Corporate Show&Go Mobile Checkout Facility has been extended to three additional branches...

By Nissin Laby 21 Jan 2016 10:08

Pawel Bukowski via StockSnap
Tips for first-time car buyers

If you are looking into buying your first car, there are few things you need to know...

20 Jan 2016 08:27

[BizTrends 2016] Dramatic shifts shaping the motor industry
[BizTrends 2016] Dramatic shifts shaping the motor industry

The motor industry is in a challenging time of flux. The industry will change more in the next 10-15 years...

By Lisa Mallett 18 Jan 2016 09:00

©Sergio Bertino via 123RF
[BizTrends 2016] Trends hitting the road in 2016

There is no doubt that the automotive sector is going through one of its most disruptive phases since Henry Ford introduced the Model T. However, most of the vehicle trends in 2016 are tweaks...

By Nicci Botha 18 Jan 2016 09:00

[BizTrends 2016] Paving the way for auto innovation
[BizTrends 2016] Paving the way for auto innovation

The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental change which is being driven by cost factors, political and economic conditions, population and traffic congestion, and environmental concerns...

By Jeff Nemeth 18 Jan 2016 09:00

[BizTrends 2016] Movements in motoring
[BizTrends 2016] Movements in motoring

Despite a challenging year for the automotive industry, car manufacturers remain upbeat and eager to embrace the trends set to dominate...

By Mike Whitfield 18 Jan 2016 09:00

©antikainen via 123RF
Fiat Chrysler accused of inflating sales

Shares in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles tumbled in Milan and New York on Thursday after two US dealerships filed a lawsuit accusing the carmaker of inflating US car sales...

18 Jan 2016 08:14

Toyota named Brand of the Year
Toyota named Brand of the Year

Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) was named 2016 Brand of the Year at the inaugural Consumer Awards on Thursday...

15 Jan 2016 15:02

©picsfive via 123RF
Multi-faceted judging reveals Consumer Awards winners

The winners of the annual Consumer Awards were announced at an awards ceremony at Shine Studios in Johannesburg on 14 January 2016...

15 Jan 2016 11:36

Hyundai Automotive SA via QuickPic
Hyundai aims to 'set benchmark for luxury' with Genesis brand

Hyundai is reaching for the top in launching a new luxury brand, Genesis, which aims to replicate the success of Japanese rivals while redefining...

13 Jan 2016 10:08

Lexus SA via QuickPic
New Lexus LC 500 headed for SA

When the Lexus LF-LC concept took the auto design world by storm in 2012 many had probably wondered when the luxury coupe would ever come to life...

13 Jan 2016 14:34

©alexskopje via 123RF
Financial tips for your next car purchase

Many car buyers have resorted to delaying their car purchases for the sake of having a car registered in the new year. This exercise is not uncommon...

12 Jan 2016 11:48

Volvo XC90 via QuickPic
Honda Civic, Volvo SUV named car, truck of the year

The Honda Civic and the Volvo XC90 were named the North American car and truck of the year from Car & Truck Magazine at an awards ceremony...

12 Jan 2016 09:34

via QuickPic
Mercedes, Audi sales top new records in 2015

German top-of-the-range carmakers Audi and Mercedes-Benz reported record sales in 2015, even holding their own in China despite difficult market conditions...

11 Jan 2016 07:19

©Kobby Dagan via 123RF
Car talk is electric at Vegas tech show

Talk by automakers attending the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas was nothing short of electric. Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen have made it clear...

11 Jan 2016 09:18

©rawpixel via 123RF
Used car sales dominate SA market

According to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA), new car sales are...

8 Jan 2016 10:01

© Duncan Noakes –
New vehicle sales losing momentum

The weaker rand did not do much to bolster vehicle exports last month, as data released on Thursday showed exports were the worst in three years...

By Moyagabo Maake 8 Jan 2016 11:10

Simon via Pixabay
VW expects to buy back 115,000 diesel cars in US: report

Embattled German auto giant Volkswagen expects to have to buy back around 115,000 diesel vehicles in the United States that are affected...

8 Jan 2016 08:09

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