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Biz Takeouts is back with BizTrends 2016 - Louise Marsland

Date: 4 Feb 2016
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This is not a layout mistake. Mitchell says: "I look much more Asian upside down."
#DesignMonth [Behind the Selfie] with... Sarah Mitchell

This week, we find out what's really going on behind the selfie with Sarah Mitchell - junior designer at Gorilla, former Vega School of Brand Leadership Durban Campus student, and student of the year at the 2015 Financial Mail Annual AdFocus Awards...

By Leigh Andrews 1 day ago

Wearables in the workplace
Wearables in the workplace

Wearable tech is a huge trend and everyone is talking about it, but have you thought of what it means for the workplace...

By Danette Breitenbach 21 hours ago

[2013 trends] SA's youth trend-o-meter
[2013 trends] SA's youth trend-o-meter

Young South Africa is savvier than ever before. If you are looking for a smart and discerning prosumer, this group of kids, teens and young adults will give you more kicks than you've ever bargained for. They know just what they are looking for from any brand, and this makes them that much more satisfying to please. Here are a few trends to look out for in 2013.

By HDI Youth Marketeers Team

The ONE Campaign aims to bring African voices to the table
The ONE Campaign aims to bring African voices to the table

As the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire in 2015, The ONE Campaign, an international grassroots advocacy backed by more than 3 million members worldwide, is launching an initiative to make sure the world's poorest people have a say in the development of the next set of goals to eradicate extreme poverty.

Government effectively funding The New Age?
Government effectively funding The New Age?

NEWSWATCH: The row between DA leader Helen Zille and The New Age, regarded by many critics as little more than a government mouthpiece, is hotting up, reports IOL. And to add fuel to the fire, Politics Web reports that the DA is to investigate Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane's reported splurge of almost R700,000 on a business briefing hosted by The New Age.

By Rod Baker

Mango launches iPad and iPhone App
Mango launches iPad and iPhone App

Yesterday, 30 January 2013, Mango launched an app on the Apple platform and plans to make the app available across most other mobile platforms during the next couple of months. In October last year, it launched an airline mobisite with a booking functionality.

Mobile channel brings younger audience to online classifieds
Mobile channel brings younger audience to online classifieds

Offering users their choice of print, web or mobile access to the same large database of classified ads has boosted traffic substantially, says Felix Erken of Junk Mail. The classified advertising business is reportedly busier than ever before, with new mobile channels bringing a younger audience to a well-established marketplace.

Arthur Sithole
Lance at a glance: A call for a new world order

I have been closely following the unfolding of events surrounding Lance's confession about using performance-enhancing drugs for all his seven counts of Tour de France victories with keen interest. The reports have painted a gloomy picture: A once highly esteemed sports hero and a philanthropic icon dedicated to a noble cause, has now rewritten his own history as one of the greatest 'fallen' heroes of our times.

By Arthur Sithole

[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 51: Online recruitment trends for South Africa and Africa
[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 51: Online recruitment trends for South Africa and Africa

Tonight on the Biz Takeouts Marketing & Media radio show, streamed live 5pm-6pm via 2oceansVibe Radio, we talk online recruitment in South Africa and Africa. The studio guest will be Matthew Gray, web and mobile technology specialist at Graylink. [twitterfall]

Marion Scher
Don't wait 'til the k*k hits the fan

Now I'm no soothsayer and there are no crystal balls lying around my house, honest, but you don't need special powers to see, in certain areas, where trouble is barrelling down the road towards you.

By Marion Scher

Investec awards R900,000 for 2013 tertiary bursaries

Investec has handed out R900,000 merit bursaries to successful Promaths students who achieved distinctions in maths, science or accounting. Students can use these merit awards to go towards their tertiary studies.

Keri-Ann Stanton
Is this how you choose your PR agency?

After a couple of decades in business (the agency not me!) it is fascinating to still hear of unhappy clients, that when push comes to shove, stay with the agencies that drive them mad, simply because 'better the devil you know.'

By Keri-Ann Stanton

Bevan Ducasse
The mobile retail revolution

The 2012 African Mobile Factbook (Blycroft Publishing) revealed a few interesting revelations. We know that commerce in Africa is steadily becoming dependent on mobile. Some analysts are even predicting that Africa will become the world's first post-PC region of the world, with countries such as Botswana, Gabon and South Africa having a mobile penetration of more than 100%. And with mobile being such a pervasive, sophisticated, and personal device, comes new and exciting opportunities.

By Bevan Ducasse

OnePoint Global, CE Agency to expand mobile research capabilities

OnePoint Global, the global market leader in mobile research technologies, has developed a partnership with South African based Customer Experience Agency (CE Agency). By utilising OnePoint Global's leading mobile survey platform, CE Agency will enable mobile research to be undertaken on any mobile handset, including tablet devices, in any language and in any country across Africa.

[2013 trends] Africa poised for a great future
[2013 trends] Africa poised for a great future

As 2013 commences, afro-pessimism seems to cede to afro-optimism. There is a global consensus: Africa is poised for a great future. What will be the impact of Africa's growth on our industry? What will be the major trends of the year? In the business world, predicting the future is a crucial exercise.

By Nandkishor Buty

Sensational list of artists announced for 2013 Cape Town International Jazz Festival - espAfrika
Sensational list of artists announced for 2013 Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Three-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, New York Times best-selling poet and critically acclaimed actress Jill Scott will be joining nearly 40 other world-class acts from 12 countries at this year's Cape Town International Jazz Festival for a line-up of diverse live music from traditional jazz to funk, pop, soul and more.

Issued by espAfrika

Provantage launches world-class commuter shelters - Provantage Media Group
Provantage launches world-class commuter shelters

At an official ceremony in Alexandra, the City of Johannesburg's Public Transportation MMC, members of the media, members of Public Transport Media, Provantage Out of Home Media, members of the Taxi Operating Investment Companies and VIP guests witnessed the unveiling of the city's new commuter shelters.

Issued by Provantage Media Group

[2013 trends] It's all Hype(r)
[2013 trends] It's all Hype(r)

Colloquially, the word hyper is often used to convey over-the-top or excessive behaviour - as in "those blue Smarties made my child/dog/girlfriend really hyper". Additionally, over the last three or four decades, it has also come to mean linked. For the purposes of trend prediction, I will go out on a limb and predict that, from 2013, hyper will replace mega, uber and even inter as an urban prefix of choice.

By Terry Levin

South African start-up at today's Blackberry 10 launch
South African start-up at today's Blackberry 10 launch

The official South African BlackBerry 10 platform launch, scheduled for today, 30 January 2013, will feature South African mobile start-up, Snapplify, demonstrating some of its apps. South Africa is one of six countries globally selected for the official launch and the unveiling of the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

[2013 trends] It is no longer business as usual
[2013 trends] It is no longer business as usual

No matter how slow off the mark, we have all come to the realisation that, no matter what line of business we are in, drastic measures are needed in order for us to not only increase market share but also to survive. It is not, however, all doom and gloom and for those who are embracing innovation and prepared to experiment with new ideas, a lot of opportunity awaits to reconnect with consumers and rise above the negative economic factors.

By Dave Nemeth

New copyright licenses from DALRO
New copyright licenses from DALRO

The Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation (DALRO) a copyright asset management agency that administers various aspects of copyright on behalf of authors, artists and publishers, has released a media monitoring organisation licence and a business licence which enables organisations to meet their copyright obligations in a format that is both easy to use and administer.

Abraham Kriel reopens House Bouwer for girls
Abraham Kriel reopens House Bouwer for girls

Abraham Kriel Childcare (AKC) has reopened House Bouwer following a rebuild and renovation programme. Situated at the organisation's Langlaagte campus, it can accommodate 10 girls, between the ages of 7 and 15, who can benefit from a specialist programme designed to cater for the needs of traumatised children.

Another South African Oscar nomination
Another South African Oscar nomination

A South African short film has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Student Short Film, which will be judged in June 2013 by the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences.

More single mothers spending to look good - Analytix BI
More single mothers spending to look good

The cosmetics and make-up industry has experienced strong growth over the past few years, as the growing segment of single mothers focus on looking good and boosting self-confidence due to a demanding lifestyle and media influence, according to a new report released by Analytix BI, "South Africa Brand Report: Purchasers of Cosmetics/Make-up".

Issued by Analytix BI

The New Age slammed for 'lazy' reporting
The New Age slammed for 'lazy' reporting

NEWSWATCH: According to a Mail & Guardian report, The New Age has claimed that the videos of the children used in FNB's "You Can Help" ad campaign were scripted and that the children were paid. In its turn, FNB has accused the New Age of 'lazy' reporting, reports Mail & Guardian

By Rod Baker

Rose Setshoge
No, no, no comrade, that #FNB campaign is unacceptable...

So, First National Bank (FNB) received an incredible volume of publicity recently; trended on Twitter, dominated other social media conversations, headlined peak hour news, talk shows opened lines for debate and met with the ruling party due to the 'You Can Help' campaign. Honestly, what more can a brand possibly ask for?

By Rose Setshoge

Chantel Botha
2013 customer experience forecast

I take out my crystal ball, as any good consultant is required to do at times, and venture to make some predictions for what customer experience challenges and trends I think brands will face this year.

By Chantel Botha

John Laurence
Three important processes behind effective TV ads

At HeadSpace Neuromarketing we use EEG and eye tracking technology to measure a consumer's neural response to marketing communications. We believe in improving the effectiveness of an advertisement without damaging the creative concept behind it. Below are three common areas where we find television advertising can be made more effective.

By John Laurence

Ilse du Plessis
IP Rights and Monopolies: The Due South Case

The North Gauteng High Court handed down an interesting trade mark judgement recently. This is interesting because it touched on the vexed issue of the relationship between intellectual property (IP) rights and competition law. And interesting because it did so within the context of another thorny issue, namely the extent to which a trade mark owner can prevent the use or registration of an identical or similar mark.

By Ilse Du Plessis

Tyrone Middleton
Is your Facebook competition legal?

A majority of businesses have or are considering using Facebook pages to promote their companies. Many of them resort to tactics such as bribery, encouraging users to 'like their page' in order to enter a competition or win a prize. The aim is to either stir up support or grow a larger fan base. All this is often done without the use of a third party application.

By Tyrone Middleton

MWEB launches news uncapped products
MWEB launches news uncapped products

Internet Service Provider MWEB is introducing new uncapped ADSL products in response to market demand for cheaper uncapped ADSL. This comes after Telkom announced last week that it will be cutting its Uncapped ADSL prices.

[2013 trends] Opportunities for growth within marketing and advertising arena
[2013 trends] Opportunities for growth within marketing and advertising arena

There are a few trends to be aware of in 2013 which will help create opportunities within the advertising and marketing arena in South Africa. A number of these come from local and international intelligence.

By Johanna McDowell

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