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Z-Card Nigeria shares MTN's message to consumers

MTN Nigeria recently appointed Z-Card to design and produce a 'MTN Quick Tips' guide about its products and services to bridge the communication gap for its consumers.
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The custom-made, seven panel, concertina briefcase shaped Z-Card targets current MTN Nigeria consumers, who are looking for information about how to perform certain functions on their pre-paid and post-paid service packages.

"It provides a frequently asked questions guide, produced in a small, compact and retainable format," says Ronke Ogunlowo, of Z-Card Nigeria.

"We wanted to ensure that our message is effectively placed in our consumers' hands and can be passed along to other consumers when needed," says a MTN Nigeria representative.

"The briefcase-styled card was selected to reinforce the payoff line, 'message to be carried along'", Ogunlowo adds.

The Z-Cards are being distributed through all of MTN's walk in centres nationwide in Nigeria.

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