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Laptops needed to teach aspiring young coders

ICT focused NPO, Code for Cape Town (Code4CT), has kicked off its laptop drive for young women interested in coding.
Access to resources that encourage skills development is one of the biggest challenges faced by South Africa today, especially when those skills require tools that are costly and not easily accessible. Founded on the principle of introducing young girls to basic web development skills, which will expose them to opportunities in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector, Cape Town based NPO, Code4CT, launched a drive to collect laptops for its classrooms.

The campaign kicks off as part of the Hour of Code, a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries running from 7 December 2015, and aims to collect 100 laptops to be utilized during next year's coding course. It endeavours to highlight the infinite possibilities that exist when putting technology in the hands of young women.

Technological empowerment

Code4CT is a programme that trains young girls from Grade 11 in web development, creative problem solving, as well as professional development. These activities are aimed at inspiring a generation of young girls who are well-prepared with toolkits of technical and soft skills in order to achieve high impact in the workplace.

"We've had a tremendously positive response to our classes from young girls. The girls in the programme are eager to keep learning, and they want to invite their friends too. We're limited by access to classrooms with the resources we need and high speed internet" says Emma Dicks, founder and director of Code4CT.

The ability to create technology puts young women in a position where they can actively participate in Cape Town's growing ICT sector. Code4CT hopes to draw support from the corporate sector, local SMEs, government and communities who have an extra and unused laptop at their disposal.

"Ensuring a significant increase in tech skills requires a collective effort not just from us as an organisation, but also the businesses where we hope to see these young girls working in the near future," adds Dicks.

Companies or individuals interested in donating their used laptops can do so through the Code4CT website or dropping them at the following drop off point: Jam Media, UB2 Garden Centre, Buitenkant Street, Gardens, Cape Town.