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Eskom and NamPower sign electricity deal

Eskom and its Namibian counterpart, NamPower, have signed a five-year firm electricity sales agreement, in which the South African power utlity will supply some of its surplus generation capacity to its northern neighbour.
“Eskom has turned around and we are now open for business with surplus capacity available to empower economic growth. This agreement provides energy security to Namibia and allows for economic development and growth in the country without electricity availability concerns,” says Matshela Koko, Eskom interim chief executive.

Source: Nampower

“It is tragic that our region still struggle to provide access to electricity for all its citizens and to power their industries and mines, stunting economic growth and failing to provide employment for all of our people. Eskom believes that the challenge now is to focus on strengthening the transmission interconnection between the various countries to allow the sharing of the available power. Eskom stands ready to supply electricity to the region, allowing the growth of our economies, creating an increased demand for electricity, which in turn will stimulate the regional power generation sector.”

The power supply situation in the region is currently under control and NamPower will continue to employ all possible means, including demand side management measures, to ensure that the delivery of electricity supply services to the national economy is carried out in a sustainable manner.

“To supplement its generation capacity, improve its import portfolio and have diversified energy imports, NamPower has entered into a number of power purchase agreements (PPAs), of which the biggest import portfolio is with Eskom through this new bilateral agreement. Currently, NamPower has concluded a number of projects to establish renewable energy projects in Namibia and to enhance its local production,” says NamPower general manager energy trading, BJ Mbuere ua Mbuere.

Eskom intends to conclude agreements with other Southern African Power Pool members before the end of the month. Long-term agreements are already in place with LEC of Lesotho and SEC of Swaziland.