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MH17 crash impacts World Aids Conference, HOPE expresses concern

HOPE Cape Town spokesperson Fahim Docrat has expressed great sadness and concern over the unnecessary loss of life after the MH17 crash in Ukraine last night.
Prof Joep Lange, co-founder of Health [e] Foundation
"I joined so many around the world watching in horror the live feeds from the crash site. We learnt that over 100 passengers were in fact delegates heading to Melbourne for the World Aids Conference. Among them was Prof Joep Lange, Co-Founder of Health [e] Foundation who we were currently working with.

"Our own founder, Rev Fr Stefan Hippler is currently en route to Melbourne and is devastated by this tragedy. This will no doubt be a major blow to the conference at a time when we are facing new challenges with HIV/Aids and need all the support and intellectual capacity that we can get," said Docrat.

We feel saddened by this unnecessary tragedy and we send condolences to the families of all the loved ones of those who have been lost to this tragedy."

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