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New classroom in support of child protection

In support of Child Protection Week (commemorated between 1 and 8 June 2014), preschoolers at the Gingersnaps school at Saron Educare joined Media24 and The Body Shop for a painting, cake decorating, reading, playing and cleaning session as part of a joint volunteer project.
The Body Shop, Media24 and Badisa team in front of the new classroom
On 5 June, the two companies delivered a much needed converted ship container classroom to the small town of Saron near Tulbagh in the Western Cape, and gave an already existing classroom a makeover. The Saron day centre, managed by Badisa, is experiencing a major shortage of school facilities as a result of the increasing number of children in need. The overhaul project ensures that more than 130 children can now receive education in a learning-friendly environment.

Each and every child in safe care is a success story

Each and every child in the safe care of a responsible adult (whether that be at a day- or aftercare centre with a day mother, or foster care) is a success story to Badisa. During 2013, the social services organisation had more than 13,000 stories of such success when thousands of children were saved from abuse, neglect or mistreatment and were given a new opportunity in life.
Childern at the Saron Educare inspecting their new classroom

"Safe care gives young children the opportunity to adapt better when they eventually end up in school or in the community, especially children from disadvantaged communities," explains Ronel van Zyl, Badisa's Director: Social Services.

Media24's Chair, Professor Rachel Jafta supports the project and has agreed to be its patron. "Saron is close to my heart, that's where my family's roots are," she says.

Child protection forms part of Badisa's daily agenda. The organisation regularly presents child protection programmes and activities in communities. Visit for more information about their projects and click on the website's "DONATE" option if you are able to offer financial support.