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DCD Marine champions minimum turnaround time on any vessel

According to Ports & Ships website, Cape Town-based vessel repair, upgrade and maintenance company DCD Marine said in a statement that vessel and semi-submersible rig maintenance and modifications are characterised by tight deadlines, and any unwarranted delays in the repair programme can result in serious negative knock-on effects for the client.
Gerry Klos, General Manager of DCD Marine says that his company has earned a reputation for adherence to strict quality, safety and operational procedures, "DCD Marine understands the importance of ensuring that the turnaround time on any vessel (is minimal)," he says.

DCD Marine accesses top-class facilities such as the recently upgraded A-Berth facility, with its 275m long quay and 42,700m² lay-down area. Other facilities include Sturrock Graving Dock in the Port of Cape Town, facilities in Saldanha Bay, and remote site capabilities enabling the company to mobilise staff, plant and equipment to undertake the repairs in any other port, Ports & Ships website reports.

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