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ShowHOUSE joins the mobile revolution

11 Jul 2014 09:00
A new app is on the market for estate agents, realtors, and anyone who wants to share, sell or rent property faster with lower overheads.
Available for download at for a once-off price of $6.99, the app enables users to create quality videos which can be shared across social networks. Though optimised for iPhone 5, the app runs on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches running the iOS6.1, or later, operating system.

Realigning to the realities of an increasingly mobile first world

Explaining the decision to develop the app, South African developer Morne Jacobsz says that the real estate industry needs to realign to the realities of an increasingly mobile first world: "In an era where marketers say the most valuable real estate is the home screen of a tablet or smartphone, it makes no sense for the industry most concerned with real estate to still be operating as though the mobile revolution hasn't happened."

"The real-estate and property industry was one of the first to realise just how much power the web held for them in terms of simplifying how it works. It only makes sense for it, today, to capture the power of mobile to not only simplify, but also lower costs," Jacobsz concludes.
The showHOUSE app guides users through a comprehensive list of possible spaces around home, assisting them to create a dynamic sequence of video clips for a specific property. The app then neatly packages the real estate agents shots into a single video clip showing the area where the property is located at the start of the sequence and the agent's or owner's details at the end.

Users can choose to keep audio from the recording of the various spaces, or replace it with relevant music from an in-app selection before emailing it to a client or sharing online. This, says Jacobsz, "not only increases the quality of a real estate agents posts and presences on social networks, but also the speed at which they can post and share their new listing."

Jacobsz concludes that no definite release dates have been yet set, he is in the early phases of developing versions of showHOUSE for other mobile operating systems.
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