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Commercial Crime Investigation and Forensic Auditing: Intensifying fraud defence mechanism

Commercial Crime Investigation and Forensic Auditing will be taking place from the 6th to 8th February 2013 at Crowne Plaza, The Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. The event is organised by marcus evans by presenting panel experts from the industry, Andre Bouwer, Werner Bouwer and Rita Kotze from Nexus Forensic.
White-collar crime is on the rise in South Africa, with a 'dramatic increase' seen in the number of cases in recent years. The complexity of commercial and economic crimes necessitates the utilisation of internal auditors, forensic auditors, legal experts as well as knowledgeable crime investigators during the investigation of adjudication thereof. Businesses and government agencies worldwide suffer hundreds of billions in lost or misused funds, diminished value, and irreversible damage to company reputation and erode customer trust and shareholders confidence.

Commercial crime investigation and forensic accounting has gained popularity over the recent years. The basis of this field is founded upon understanding the mind of the fraudster in order to understand why frauds are committed. Given increased regulatory requirements and compliance demands, the decision is no longer if an organisation should implement a complete fraud detection and prevention program, but rather how quickly that program can be put into place with a robust fraud risk management framework to prevent costly litigation. The use of technology and forensic analytics has become more significant and is essential for maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of a fraud prevention, detection and investigation program.

Therefore, the event is tailored to enhance ones' capabilities to battle against commercial crime and to better equip one as forensic investigators by ensuring high standards of skills through agile commercial crime investigative techniques and forensic auditing strategies. The event is proudly endorsed by Institute of Forensic Auditors and accredited with 6 CPD points per day. This event is also proudly supported by Legal Brief and Bizcommunity.

Please contact Jascinta Ling at for more event information.