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World faces a cascade of cataclysmic changes - World Bank report

The world is barrelling down a path to heat up by 4°C at the end of the century if the global community fails to act on climate change, triggering a cascade of cataclysmic changes that include extreme heatwaves, declining global food stocks and a sea level rise affecting hundreds of millions of people.
All regions of the world would suffer - some more than others - but the report finds that the poor will suffer the most. This is according to a new scientific report that was commissioned by the World Bank.

'Turn Down the Heat', a snapshot of the latest climate science prepared for the World Bank by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and Climate Analytics, says that the world is on a path to a 4°C warmer world by end of this century and current greenhouse gas emissions pledges will not reduce this by much.

"A 4°C warmer world can and must be avoided - we need to hold warming below 2°C," said World Bank group president Jim Yong Kim. "Lack of action on climate change threatens to make the world our children inherit a completely different world than we are living in today. Climate change is one of the single biggest challenges facing development, and we need to assume the moral responsibility to take action on behalf of future generations, especially the poorest."