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Gondwana Game Reserve welcomes wild lion cubs

Gondwana Game Reserve, located in the Garden Route of South Africa, welcomes the birth of two free roaming lion cubs who are believed to be the first born in the Southern Cape for the last 150 years. The private game reserve has embarked on a conservation project to restore and rehabilitate the 11000ha property and populate it with indigenous game. The birth of the two lion cubs marks the success of all of the efforts implemented to encourage the self-sustaining wild lion pride of Gondwana.
The lioness has kept her newborns well hidden in a valley of Fynbos, and the race has been on to get a decent photograph of the new additions to the lion pride. Typically, lion cubs are not seen until they are approximately six weeks old, and start to move with their mother. Gondwana senior field guide Forget Ndlovu struck luck on the morning of 23 November when he found the pride on a zebra kill just above the den, where he noticed two additional miniature lions. This area has become known as "Pride Rock" where the pride, together with the cubs, tend to congregate for fresh air in the afternoon on display for all to see.

The lion cubs should start eating meat when they are about three months old. Lion cubs are usually weaned at seven months, and at about 18 months they either join their natal pride or disperse and form their own coalitions and prides.

November has proved to be the baby season, with numerous births from a variety of species taking place. Black Wildebeest and Eland seem to be multiplying by the day. The reproduction and survival of all species on Gondwana is vital and reassuring. This indicates that the game has settled in well, and conditions are favorable for the species perpetual existence.

Not to be out done, one of the lioness sisters also seems to be expecting news soon!
Teresa Coertzen
HelloThis is Wonderful News!! This means that the Animals at Gondwana is Happy and Healthy!! Congrats to you all!! I know of one of my Best Animal Friends, who will be joinging your happy & healthy Animals there at Gondwana!! She is currentl;y still in Bloemfontein Zoo. My Friend called Thandorra. I would love to speak to the MD or CEO about this. PLEASE contact me.Kind Regards,Teresa Coertzen: 072 373 3595
Posted on 11 Dec 2012 13:23