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HSM partners with Madikwe Game Reserve to stop rhino poaching

Ryan Norman, a game ranger at Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West province, along with a team of dedicated field rangers from other camps have taken it upon themselves to form an anti-poaching unit that works through the night, in all kinds of weather, to track down rhino poachers.
This year alone, the 75 000ha reserve has lost 19 rhinos and 4 calves that died after their mothers were shot. The Madikwe anti-poaching unit is run by highly skilled volunteers and requires equipment and supplies to remain operational.

Getting on board

Highbury Safika Media (HSM) staff members are now getting on board to raise funds for this worthy cause. "We are so pleased and excited to be able to support Ryan and his team," says Kim Schonfeldt, HSM's marketing executive. "When we visited the reserve earlier this year, Ryan and his team's dedication was inspiring - they often go 24 hours without sleep while they're on patrol. They are doing such important work in this field and are going above and beyond their call of duty to put a stop to rhino poaching.

"The rhino is not only one of South Africa's big five national symbols, but is an integral, indicator species in our country. It is imperative that we do what we can to save it from this horrific slaughter," Schonfeldt says.

More than 570 black and white rhino have been killed countrywide since the beginning of the year.