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New materials testing centre for One Eighty

The long history of excellence in sectors such as mining, resource extraction and maritime services in the most developed economy in sub-Saharan Africa is well documented, and One Eighty Engineering Solutions' is an established industry leader in materials and metallurgical expertise. The opening of One Eighty's new materials testing centre will provide specialised services locally, Business Excellence says.
In the midst of South Africa's emergence as a centre of oil and gas activity, the country plays host to a significant supplier base, as well as to some of the world's leading service companies. One Eighty's founder and director Janet Cotton says that, having recognised the oil and gas industry's need for metallurgical consultant work and materials testing capabilities, it became imperative to deliver creative, high value engineering solutions in the form of key information.

In the past, One Eighty subcontracted the testing work that was required as part of a consultation, but the company has now obtained the capital needed to construct its own materials testing centre. "While some companies do offer some materials testing," research, development and design engineer Suzanne Higgins says, "only we will have the ability to carry out a full study for a customer with all the equipment required to do so." According to Business Excellence, the testing centre is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year.

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