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Introducing The Lectric Monks

Today sees the release of The Lectric Monks' debut EP, The Six. We swung a few questions to this six piece Pretoria-based psychedelic folk rock band to find out more.
BizcommunityIf you had to describe the EP as a meal what would it be and why?

Coca-Cola Biltong – it makes you shake uncontrollably (Brrrr!) while still being proudly South African.

Image by Adriaan Cruywagen

BizcommunityWhat was the recording process like?

It was great, thanks. The development of the album started a while back, going in and out of studio until we perfected The Gruuv. We captured the true essence of The Lectric Order at Audio Culture, with the amazing Jaco Naudè. The process was quite an experience, as we got to work with one of our heroes on 1.5 of the tracks, Femi Koya.

BizcommunityWe love your branding and album art – who’s responsible for this?

It was all done in house, conceptualised by the Monks, illustrated by Duncan Potgieter and Gary Peacock. Each of the sigils you see on the album was created by their corresponding Monks, making it a true Lectric Monk production.

BizcommunityWhat five words would best describe The Lectric Monks?

We have Six.
1. Fee
2. Fi
3. Fo
4. Fun
5. I-see-a-dance-party-for-everyone
6. #lectriclove

BizcommunityWhat’s the meaning behind the name?

As, the Electric Monk from Douglas Adam’s novel: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, we believe that anything and everything is possible, at the same time… even spelling.

BizcommunityWhat’s the best and worst thing about being a musician in South Africa?

The best thing about being a musician in South Africa is that anything is possible. The worst is that we are not making the most of what we have – especially looking at stage design and the live experience.

BizcommunityWhat’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

Guilt implies we feel wrong for certain music, we don’t. We love all good music. #lectriclove

Image by Adriaan Cruywagen

BizcommunityWhat’s your favourite emoji?

The strong-arm emoji.

BizcommunityWhat’s the grand plan for The Lectric Monks?

The Grand plan is only a step towards the next part of this adventure. We are bringing bigger, exciting things to the stage.

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