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Beat the crowds to Up the Creek together with Bacardi Festival this year

Waiting sucks, but waiting in queues tends to suck even more. In fact, queues apparently suck so much that actual scientific studies have been done to determine just how badly it sucks, exactly why it sucks and which variables have an impact of the level of suckishness experienced in any given queue. I kid you not, check it out here.
So now that it has been scientifically proven that you are not imagining the homicidal rage you feel when queuing, why not avoid the whole nasty business of waiting to take pitch tent and join the party at Up the Creek together with Bacardi Festival early this year? Simply purchase a four-day ticket from or on the festival's Facebook page and save yourself a boatload of trouble.

And you get all this for a mere 100 smackers extra. Sweet deal.

Please note that there are limited tickets available, so it is advised that would-be Creekers make their purchase sooner rather than later in order to avoid disappointment.

About Anna-Bet Bester

Anna-Bet Stemmet is a writer and translator who lives in the Swartland with her husband & daughter. She blogs as Die Wynwyfie and does commercial copy and content as Skryfyster.