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"Pyramid" track by track

"Pyramid", The Plastics' second studio album, includes both that familiar upbeat indie sound that Plastic fans have come to love as well as a fresh new direction in sound: darker, trippier, sexier and fairly psychedelically retro. Slip on those dancing shoes, consume something mind expanding and enjoy.
The opening track, Occasional Lies, is familiar Plastic territory. A foot- tapping bouncy beat contrasted with snarky lyrics that are hard to shake.

Track two, the reprise of Stereo Kids, which was first released on a previous album, "Shark", is much more laid back. Drawn-out lyrics and a slowed down tempo give this song a sexy makeover.

Out Of This Town, one of my preferred tracks off this album, is an upbeat optimistic anthem for freedom and escape.

Underwater Kite signals the turn of things somewhat trippy. Surreal lyrics reminiscent of early "Yellow Submarine" Beatles and psychedelic electro beats submerge you in a magical aquatic world.

The following track, Sooner Than Later, is rather a low point on this album for me. Juvenile lyrics with a simple beat make this song fairly dull listening.

Next track; Rat redeems things. This is another song illustrating the darker and trippier direction in sound and is a far from a dull listen with its full echoey edgy sound.

Mud And Money, with one of the best Plastics intros ever, is a firm favourite for me. This epic 10-minute song takes you on quite a musical rollercoaster. An almost 180-degree turnaround from the usual Plastics sound, this track slowly and menacingly builds into a crashy wall of noise and then eases you back down only to repeat the process again and again.

Girl, You're Nothing Like A Woman, a rather tongue-in-cheek retro ditty is pure fun.

The penultimate track, Best Pretenders, is so catchy that it's impossible not to sing along to; should be a live crowd pleaser for sure.

Lastly, Hallway Of Mirrors has a wonderful swelling chorus and catchy riff. A perfect full stop to this catchy mind-expanding album.

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