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Celebrating sexuality at Sexpo

The health, sexuality and lifestyle expo, better known as Sexpo, is settling its sexy ass at the Expo Centre NASREC in Joburg later this month. We interview project manager Avril Swaffield and get the low-down (pun intended) on some of the sexy happenings that attendees can expect this year: martial arts, Playboy Playmates, swingers' clubs and much more are all in the plans - oh my.

Sexpo sometimes gets bad press with the more conservative in SA, what are your thoughts on this?

I think that the level of press in this field is slowly beginning to dissipate, South Africa as a whole is opening up to the idea that this is a healthy natural way to reignite old flames as well as use the show to celebrate our sexuality. The biggest obstacle is to overcome the sleaze factor and, in doing so, make the public aware that this is a great platform for them to educate themselves in a clean environment.

What besides the usual can attendees of Sexpo expect this year?

The show is bigger and better than ever before, so the public can expect a huge variety of new and exciting showpieces and attractions. We have Playboy Playmates in attendance at The Playboy Club and a fully-fledged swingers' club. The Friday night will see Hall Eight transformed into a martial arts spectacular with South Africa's very own Tri-nations competition, with fighters from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia all competing to be the last man standing. On the Saturday, the same venue is being used for South Africa's first Fetish Ball. We are busy signing up new stage shows and attractions and I truly can't wait to announce them as we go forward.

How did you get involved in the project?

I was actually involved with Sexpo when it first started way back when I was an exhibitor. Five years later I'm actually working for Sexpo.

Why the decision only to have Sexpo in Joburg this year?

With the move to Expo Centre NASREC it made economic sense to combine all the resources we had available to make this the biggest and best show to date. When the Joburg show is once again settled in its new venue we will begin slowly rolling out shows to other cities. By taking the shows back to basics we are able to build them into a far greater entity, guaranteeing the public bigger and better experiences.

Sexpo originated in Australia and we hear more international countries are on the list to host Sexpo. Can you tell us more about those plans?

We are talking about "Sexpo Europe" potentially; it will happen it is just a matter of timing.

Sexpo is billed as a health, sexuality and lifestyle expo. Can you explain these different factors a little bit more?

The idea is to offer an all-encompassing experience. With the current economic situation, the public demands more for its money and we at Sexpo are only too happy to oblige. It creates an opportunity for a broader base to attend the show and this year we can certainly guarantee that there will be something for everyone. The three operative words are: Health, with products sold by exhibitors to support a healthy lifestyle; Sexuality, everything under one roof for visitors to learn from, experience and shop without reserve; the Lifestyle section encompasses products that people aspire to own.

Have you had your portrait done by Pricasso?

No, I've never had the time. But he is really good.

What have been some of the more outrageous happenings that you've witnessed or experienced at Sexpo?

The Amateur Strip, which is hilariously funny and what the hypnotists are able to make the audience do. Getting married at Sexpo! Some older people are daring to come to the Sexpo Exhibition.

Quick Qs - What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you hear the following words?

Ginormous: Penisaurus, which has been part of Sexpo for so long and has to retire now.
Johnny Depp: Weirdo.
Whipped cream: One of our exhibitors is Supreme Cream known as Get Whipped. We have had so much fun with them on stage and can't wait to carry on this year.
Rainbows: Colourful, cheerful, happy!

Sexpo will be taking place at the Expo Centre Johannesburg - Nasrec in Johannesburg from the 27 Sept - 30 Sept 2012. For more info go to

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