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Home4Me app makes house hunting simple

There's no doubt about it, searching for your next home is an exciting process, but it can also be quite daunting. Experts advise you to look at as many properties as you can before you settle on one. But remembering the pros and cons of each and weighing them up can be confusing, even stressful. After all, nobody wants to make the wrong decision on something as important as his next home.
That's where Homes4Me, a mobile application from SA Home Loans, comes in. According to SA Home Loans chief executive, Kevin Penwarden, Homes4Me removes the stress from home hunting by simplifying the process and doing all the remembering for you.

"Simply use this app to record all the details of each home you visit - together with photos, GPS co-ordinates, price and comments. Then, the app automatically ranks them according to your personal list of key criteria, so you can see immediately which one really is the ideal home for you," Penwarden said.

The app also allows you to calculate your likely bond instalment and offers the option of sharing your list of favourites with others by email.

Available for free download

"As South Africa's biggest non-bank mortgage provider, we pride ourselves on making the process of finding and financing our customers' dream homes as easy and hassle-free as possible. Our Homes4Me app is just one of many innovations we've implemented to help us achieve that goal."

The Homes4Me app, developed by award-winning local digital agency Liquorice, is available for free download from or from the application stores of most smartphones.

It's already proving popular with more than 3000 downloads to date. But house hunters with older cellphones needn't feel left out, as they can use all the features of the Home4Me application by visiting the mobi-site,