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IDC supports the forestry and wood products industry

According to The Citizen, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has a dedicated unit to help the forestry and wood products industry. Unit head, Lizeka Matshekga, explains that they look at the entire value chain.
"Timber supply is probably our biggest focus," Matshekga says. This is due to the fact that plantations generate more jobs than, perhaps, a packaging entity, "so that's our first focus" she says.

When considering pulp and paper and packaging, she says, the IDC supports those who bring new products into the pulp sector. ''We also look at technology upgrades within the pulp sector, as we want to support competitiveness in South Africa." Matshekga adds that the IDC plays a role of supporting efficiency improvements, focusing on skills development and technology upgrades in the saw-milling sector. The Corporation supports value-adding industries such as biomass projects and bamboo, as well as medium-density fibreboard (MDF) products and dissolved cellulose.

In addition, the Citizen reports, the IDC looks at more traditional sectors such as office furniture manufacturing, and packaging and paper applications.

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