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Fundraising campaign raises R35 000 for FTH:K

Two innovative fundraising campaigns have raised an incredible R35 000 in individual giving for visual theatre company FTH:K.
"We are overwhelmed by the response we have received from people in support of Elred Lawrence's epic cycle trip and their use of our cutting-edge mobile web technology from Vidamo," says Ana Lemmer, CEO of FTH:K. "We extend a heartfelt thank you to the people and organisations that have supported us and an extra big thank you to Elred for championing our cause. We also extend a special thank you to the individual sponsor who has made it possible for us to implement Vidamo's platform."

IT consultant Lawrence has recently returned from cycling 2 000km along the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrim route that runs from Canterbury in England to Rome in Italy. He used the trip to raise funds and awareness for FTH:K, and blogged about his journey. The Ackerman Foundation and Pick n Pay generously donated R5 000 and supported the cause through publicity and

Office is going mobile

"Funds raised will go towards the exciting initiatives we are planning for next year. As part of the next phase of our development, our office is going mobile. What this means is that, in the challenging arts and culture environment presently, we have made the strategic decision to
significantly lessen our overheads and instead put that money into making bigger and more international projects," says Lemmer.

"With the use of technology, we truly work in a global village anyway, and between company director, Tanya Surtees in the USA and myself here in Cape Town, we will be working on creating several major projects annually that have built into them exchanges between the US and SA. These include a national schools tour, performances at the National Arts Festival and arts management training.

"Also in line with our vision of going mobile, we have decided to keep only key staff members on board full-time as we go into the next phase, preferring to work with our FTH:K co-conspirators on a project basis. Not only does this make us more versatile, it also allows us to draw from a greater national and international pool of artists.

How to donate

"Although we are sad to be saying goodbye to our artistic director, Jayne Batzofin, we look forward to working with her as a co-conspirator and thank her for the significant contribution she has made to the evolution of FTH:K. We are also proud of our trainees, Marlon Snyders, Christo Beukes and Sinethemba Mgebisa, who have now graduated from the IPDP and are looking to further their education and find work in the local industry. We hope to work with them on our national schools tour next year," Lemmer concludes.

FTH:K's fundraising platform can be accessed from your mobile phone or desktop. To make a donation, simply SMS FTHK to 45825, or scan the code which is available on the FTH:K website An SMS reply will then be sent to your mobile phone instantly, with a URL link to click on, giving you access to the mobile web platform. You are also able to select from a number of premium rated SMS options to donate R10, R20 or R30. Alternatively, you can opt to donate using your credit card. On the FTH:K Facebook page, you can click on the donation tab to make a donation using the payment platform.