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Visa launches website to boost financial literacy

In a move to boost financial literacy in Africa, Visa announced the launch of its new website, In sub-Saharan Africa 80% of the adult population, or 325 million people, remain financially unserved, as compared to only 8% in high income Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development countries, according to the Financial Access initiative.
"We plan to help change that," said Kate Kelly, corporate relations manager for Visa in sub-Saharan Africa. "Financial Literacy provides the foundation for access to financial services. is a valuable addition to our range of financial literacy initiatives targeted at the educational needs of people in Africa"

Visa stands with consumers as an ally in money management with a goal of financial inclusion for all. To that end, Visa has run popular and entertaining road shows in Africa, bringing financial literacy to people in the communities where they live. "We've brought live financial literacy education programmes to about 200 000 people. Now we also offer it online."

Real-life scenarios

The website contains a broad range of information in easy to understand language. It offers advice for real-life scenarios, such as how to save for your dream home or how to steer clear of debt. It also has downloadable curriculum material for school teachers who wish to incorporate financial literacy into their lesson plans. The lesson plans are ready to use, complete with notes for teachers and educational content.

Also available on is the Visa Financial Football game, which encourages financial education by making it fun and entertaining. This innovative approach helps children and adults learn about personal finance. It is a free computer game that combines the world's most popular sport with financial education.

Multiple choice questions

The fast-paced and interactive football-themed game provides essential information on personal financial management. It challenges players through a set of multiple choice questions, which cover a wide range of topics, including saving, budgeting, setting financial goals and what to do in the event of losing a bank card.

"The Global Financial Literacy Barometer clearly demonstrates that, while there have been great strides made in advancing financial education, there is still much more to be done. Visa is committed to helping people of all ages gain the financial tools necessary to become better money managers. We see financial literacy as a building block towards an empowered society where people are able to make informed decisions around their financial lives," Kelly concluded.