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HPCSA repudiates Botswana training course

It has come to the attention of the Professional Board for Emergency Care of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) that Tshedimosetso College is offering Critical Care Assistant training in Botswana. However, the HPCSA only has jurisdiction over education and training undertaken in South Africa and doing education and training in two different countries is not permissible.
The college is offering theoretical training is Botswana and clinical training e in South Africa. Its website indicates that its students may register with the HPCSA and bears the HPCSA logo as endorsement.

"We are extremely disturbed by this practice as this is not in line with the approved HPCSA procedures. This practice is misleading members of the public that the training is accredited by HPCSA and is using the HPCSA logo without obtaining the necessary approval," says Raveen Naidoo, chairperson of the board.

The Board is mandated to determine standards of education and training, and to set and maintain fair standards of professional practice, thereby ensuring the practitioners are properly qualified and trained to perform functions within their scope of practice when treating the public.

"The public has a right to receive quality healthcare from registered healthcare practitioners. Furthermore, the HPCSA will not register any person trained in Botswana, as the Council has no jurisdiction of education and training being undertaken outside the borders of our country."

Foreign qualified emergency care providers have to apply to the board, with all the relevant documentation for consideration to practice in the country, as it needs to ensure only qualified, experienced and competent practitioners treat the public.

All institutions offering emergency care training in South Africa must be accredited and in compliance with the conditions of accreditation as well as the education and training standards, set by the Board.

"We are again reminding students and their families to ensure the training centres they are enrolling in are accredited institutions. Members of the public are welcome to contact the HPCSA or visit the Council's website to verify a training centre's accreditation in South Africa."