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China to get Zandvliet wines

A five-year sales and distribution agreement has been signed between Zandvliet Estate, Johannesburg-based export service suppliers CJ&MG and SA Valley to provide mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other countries in the region with wines.
L - R: William Lee (General Manager SA Valley), Judi Dyer (Managing Director Zandvliet), Cecelia Duan (Co-Owner SA Valley), Gavin Souter and Marcelle Souter (co-owners of CJ&MG)
CJ&MG has a well-established agent network in 15 of the 34 provinces in China and operates 15 SA Valley retail outlets, which only sell South African wine. Under the expansion framework, a further 15 outlets is set to be opened by the end of 2011.

Local market still key focus, but...

"We are excited at signing this agreement and will actively support SA Valley at shows and events in China each year as we look forward to a relationship that extends and prospers way beyond the initial five year term," comments Judi Dyer, MD of Zandvliet Estate.

"The local market will always remain our key focus, as we have a very strong presence and following there. We operate in only few export markets and each is an important market for us, particularly the Netherlands but we do have room to open a couple of the new exciting wine drinking markets that are emerging - China being one of them," she concludes.

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