European privacy watchdogs probe Facebook; EU wants to 'finalise' Google market abuse probe

PARIS, FRANCE: European data protection authorities have joined forces to probe Facebook's privacy controls, a French watchdog said on Thursday, putting the popular US social media giant under fresh pressure...

17 Apr 2015


EU denounces Hungary's internet tax as "bad"

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Union (EU) denounced Hungary's plan for an internet tax as a new threat to political freedom in the country and also a threat to broader EU economic growth.

29 Oct 2014


EU anti-trust boss says Google fears are irrational

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Union's (EU) top anti-trust official sharply criticised the "irrational" response by European politicians to the Brussels investigation of Google.

17 Oct 2014


Amazon facing EU probe over tax deals

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Union has snagged Amazon as the authorities widen their probe into sweetheart tax deals for major multinationals, saying these are unfair to competitors and taxpayers.

8 Oct 2014


Apple's "sweet" tax deal with Ireland being scrutinised

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The prospect of the European Union accusing Apple of getting illegal tax breaks in Ireland has reopened a debate on how European countries attract multinational businesses. It has also put Dublin back in the spotlight.

1 Oct 2014


EU to convert TV frequencies to mobile

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Union should convert a whole spectrum of television and radio frequencies for use by mobile broadband by around 2020 as smartphone use soars, a report has urged.

2 Sep 2014


EU clears Apple's $3bn Beats deal despite Bose legal claims

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Commission has cleared Apple's $3bn purchase of US headphone manufacturer and music streaming business Beats despite Bose lodging court papers claiming patent infringements.

29 Jul 2014


Internet gambling guidelines tighten rules in EU states

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Union is to tighten rules that regulate online gambling in an effort to protect minors and coordinate a huge but fragmented market.

15 Jul 2014


Europe's cyber-security policy under attack

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: Even as Europe powered up its most ambitious ever cyber-security exercise this month, doubts were being raised over whether the continent's patchwork of online police was right for the job.

5 May 2014


EU to scrap mobile roaming fees

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Parliament endorsed a sweeping package of EU telecommunications reforms, including a much-awaited measure to end roaming charges for cross-border mobile phone use.

4 Apr 2014


Turkey internet law raises 'serious concerns' for EU

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: Turkey's new Internet law raises "serious concerns" over government control and the public's access to information, the European Commission said on Thursday (6 February).

7 Feb 2014


EU's promise to end roaming charges

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Union (EU) presents a radical telecommunications industry shake-up this week, aimed at creating a single, fully connected European market and removing unpopular mobile phone roaming charges it claims are unjustified.

12 Sep 2013


Calls to tighten Internet controls in EU

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The Europe Union's (EU) justice commissioner has hailed a call by German Chancellor Angela Merkel for tighter privacy controls on Internet companies amid reports of sweeping US government surveillance online.

16 Jul 2013


EU cuts roaming rates on cellphones

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - Tourists within Europe can use their smartphones without fear of an outrageous bill waiting at home as this year's summer holidays start. The European Union is cutting maximum mobile data roaming rates by 36% this week.

1 Jul 2013

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