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Confusion regarding UIF contributions continues

Confusion persists regarding UIF contributions since a new Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) scale of benefits came into effect on 1 April 2017...

1 day ago

Accommodating people with albinism in the workplace

In celebration of national Albinism Awareness month, disability equity solutions company, Progression, is calling on the private and public sectors to find ways to accommodate people with albinism in the workplace...

1 day ago

Devops and its clear missing connection

For IT professionals, the idea of having a more collaborative approach between development and operations is highly appealing...

By Greg Pritchett 2 days ago

Employing the fitness principle to increase productivity at work

Sitting and working at a desk for long hours may feel far removed from being a professional athlete but to improve at your job there is a principle you can borrow from them: rest.

11 Sep 2017

Digital transformation is not just about technology - it's about people

Can you remember thirty-or-so years ago, to a time before mobile technology and the internet?

By Anton Cabral 11 Sep 2017

Not just nice to have: nature in the workplace makes employees happier and healthier

Bringing nature into the workplace can help reduce stress and increase creativity and focus, research shows...

By Libby Sander 1 Sep 2017

#EmployerBranding: Implementing a successful strategy

What's the secret behind Getsmarter's mission to become the best place to work in Cape Town?

30 Aug 2017

Help your business by improving lone worker safety

Employers should especially focus on the plight of workers who work alone because that's an inherently more dangerous situation...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 29 Aug 2017

#EmployerBranding: Setting trends and attracting the right talent

redPanda Software is an expert in the end-to-end development and support of customised applications aimed at streamlining business processes and operations. CEO Gareth Hawkey presents a case study on its staff retention strategies and how to attract the right talent, as part of its employer branding strategy...

By Gareth Hawkey 29 Aug 2017

#EmployerBranding: Five secrets from SA's Top Employers

Employer branding is about your total employer identity. The goal is for your employer brand to be viewed as an organisation that offers a great employee experience. Employer Branding Focus sponsor, Top Employers Institute, asked some of South Africa's current certified Top Employers 2017 to share some of their best tips for developing a positive employer brand...

29 Aug 2017

#EmployerBranding: A strong employee brand creates healthy culture

When a company has a strong employee brand, it infiltrates through every aspect of the business and will be noticed by the consumer...

By Dave Nemeth 28 Aug 2017

#EmployerBranding: How to craft an employer branding strategy

Employer branding specialist, Celeste Sirin, speaks to on how to craft a successful employer branding strategy and why strong ties to the marketing and communications department is important...

28 Aug 2017

Sun International's sales team challenging the status quo

According to Terrell-Kramvis, group general manager for sales at Sun International, being successful takes finesse and balance, especially in a perceived male-dominated space...

22 Aug 2017

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Dealing with death: How companies can handle the aftermath of a crime

While you never want to have to think about a violent crime occurring at your place of business, it can be a harsh fact of life. If your company has been affected by a violent crime that has resulted in a loss of life, things can be extremely difficult for all involved. But as a business owner, there are some things that you will have to deal with even in this hard time. Today, we are going to learn some tips that just might make things a little easier on everyone.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 16 hours ago

Essential features of robust HR software

When you effectively manage the human capital of your business, you gain a host of advantages over your competition:

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 1 day ago

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