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'Bogus' online doctor to be probed

The Government Employee Medical Scheme has launched an investigation into claims it allowed staff at public relations firm Martina Nicholson Associates to give medical advice on its online column titled Dr Joe.

By Katharine Child 9 Oct 2017

Private healthcare for the poor

NHI and Demarcation Regulations are violations of our constitutional rights to freedom of association and access to healthcare...

By Martin van Staden 5 Oct 2017

#HASA2017: Plotting the legislative pathway to NHI

However well-intentioned National Health Insurance (NHI) is, it will fall flat without the necessary supporting legislation...

By Nicci Botha 2 Oct 2017

Medical negligence claims rise by 25%

There's been a sharp rise in medical negligence claims against provincial health departments increasing by around 25% per year between 2011 and 2016...

26 Sep 2017

Looking at mediation to resolve medico-legal disputes

More appropriate forms of dispute resolution between patients and healthcare providers need to be implemented to reverse the medico-legal crisis playing out in South Africa...

4 Sep 2017

Are the demarcation regulations unconstitutional?

A consequence of the demarcation regulations coming into force is that up to two million policyholders using insurance products to access healthcare are now uninsured...

8 Aug 2017

Legal barriers to fast tracking HIV/TB response in Africa

Progress on the Global Commission on HIV and the Law recommendations was discussed at the second Africa Regional Dialogue...

4 Aug 2017

Experts decry plan to consolidate small medical schemes

The plan by the CMS to consolidate or dissolve small medical schemes posed risks to the people who belong to them....

2 Aug 2017

Five years for careless doctor

Emalahleni gynaecologist Danie van der Walt was yesterday sentenced to five years in jail for culpable homicide after one of his patients died after giving birth...


Dozens of gynaes could walk away this year

Skyrocketing medico-legal claims threaten to cripple South Africa's public and private health sectors as specialists face exorbitant litigation...

By JOAN VAN DYK 12 Jul 2017

'Fire thousands of nurses who cheated'

A medical law expert has called for the thousands of qualified nurses who cheated in midyear bridging exams to be struck off the roll...

6 Jul 2017

Medical scheme members likely to lose their tax credits under NHI

Medical scheme members are likely to lose their tax credits to help pay for the first set of benefits to be rolled out under NHI...

By Tamar Kahn 30 Jun 2017

Trastuzumab and the high cost of cancer treatment

It seems cruel that drugs that can save the lives of thousands of cancer sufferers are so prohibitively expensive...

By Nicci Botha 21 Jun 2017

New law crimps cash-back plans

The demarcation regulations clearly distinguish between medical insurance products and medical aid schemes...

By Roland Buys 20 Jun 2017

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