Construction Trends 2018

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Durban is slowly becoming a seaside city without any sand

Durban is becoming a seaside city without any sand as strong waves pummel its beaches. Swathes of what used to be wide stretches of sand are now underwater and beachside infrastructure is being destroyed...

2 days ago

We need bowling greens and golf courses for affordable housing

Despite a profound housing and segregation crisis, the City of Cape Town continues to lease well-located public land for next to nothing to private companies and associations for bowling greens, parking lots, golf courses, and other inefficient and exclusive uses...

By Nick Budlender 13 Mar 2018

Building a 'second nature' into our cities: wildness, art and biophilic design

Biophilic design is beginning to boom. Witness its recent incorporation into the Melbourne Metro project and Sydney's award-winning One Central Park, Chippendale...

By Jordan Lacey 8 Mar 2018

UCT and Fraunhofer Institute sign MoU on hydrogen and fuel cell technology

UCT and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE have signed an MoU to collaborate on hydrogen and fuel cell technology...

7 Mar 2018

Hotel Verde Zanzibar opens doors to guests, promotes responsible tourism

On 21 March 2018, Hotel Verde Zanzibar - Azam Luxury Resort & Spa will open its doors to guests for the first time...

6 Mar 2018

CT launches landfill gas flaring project

Late last week saw the official launch of the Cape Town Department of Solid Waste Management's landfill gas flaring project at the Coastal Park landfill facility...

5 Mar 2018

Anger as rail construction begins in Nairobi National Park

Kenyan conservationists expressed outrage on Thursday, 1 March 2018, after construction of a railway line began inside Nairobi's famed national park, saying this defied a court order halting the project...

5 Mar 2018

Italy, China propose solution to Lake Chad's water problem

It sounds like something from Wakanda, the futuristic African kingdom of the hit movie Black Panther. But "Transaqua" is a very real proposal for a very real problem - how to replenish the shrinking waters of Lake Chad...

By Stephanie Findlay 2 Mar 2018

The world needs to build more than two billion new homes over the next 80 years

By the end of this century, the world's population will have increased by half - that's another 3.6 billion people...

By Sean Smith 1 Mar 2018

Durban selected to participate in RICS Cities for our Future Challenge

Launched earlier this month, RICS is calling on the youth to come up with new ideas to help tackle the most pressing problems affecting cities in Africa and around the world...

27 Feb 2018

Managing shrinking cities in an expanding world

Urbanisation has been a well-established trend in the 20th and 21st centuries. However, depopulation and deurbanisation in some countries and numerous cities are becoming serious problems for which no good solutions exist at present...

By Asit K. Biswas, Cecilia Tortajada, Martin Stavenha 23 Feb 2018

SA-based AsaDuru wins Nigeria Genome Centre rammed earth contract

AsaDuru has been awarded a contract to build 972m2 of stabilised rammed earth (SRE) walls for the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID) at Redeemer's University in Nigeria...

21 Feb 2018

Bright times lie ahead for black-owned concrete business

Bright by name. Bright by nature. Bright through sheer hard work and dogged determination participated in the Sasol Siyazenzela Youth Programme (SSYB) in 2015, facilitated with the assistance of female-owned Tushiyah Advisory Services...

Issued by Stone Décor 21 Feb 2018

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SA group seals R5bn Saudi water deal

SA-based investment company PSG Group has not had to wait long for its investment in GrahamTek, a desalination and water purification company, to start paying off. On Tuesday, 6 February, GrahamTek confirmed it had clinched a R5bn contract to build a desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

By Marc Hasenfuss 8 Feb 2018

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