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Permits, permission needed for boreholes

The use of boreholes to supplement, or replace, the conventional municipal supply is becoming more common, however, certain requirements that may vary from municipality to municipality...

By Chantelle Gladwin-Wood and Nonhlanhla Ndlohvu 23 hours ago

Understanding the role of the Rental Housing Tribunal

Established during 2001, the Rental Housing Tribunal (RHT) assists in resolving disputes that arise between landlords and tenants...

By Adrian Goslett 1 day ago

Dealing with blacklistings

If a prospective homeowner has not kept up to date with their credit bureau reports, they may be in for a surprise when they apply for finance...

By Adrian Goslett 10 May 2017

Insight into the Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill

The Bill is aimed at progressing land reform within the agricultural sector and will have far-reaching implications for current and future owners of agricultural land...

By Zunaid Rawoot 9 May 2017

Here's what you need to know about compliance certificates

Putting a home up for sale takes some preparation on the seller's part as they need to have all of their compliance certificates in order before taking the step of listing their home on the market...

By Adrian Goslett 8 May 2017

Property purchases: what constitutes a breach of contract

When a transfer of a property is to take place, it is through the offer to purchase (OTP) (or sale agreement), which has to be in writing that all the conditions of the sale are named and made binding...

8 May 2017

How servitude impacts property values

What is a servitude and how can it impact the value of a property?

By Adrian Goslett 5 May 2017

New judgment affects internal remedies in municipal disputes

There are internal remedies that might apply in relation to a consumer's dispute with the municipality about municipal debt and should be exercised before approaching a court for assistance in resolving a dispute, following a recent judgment...

By Chantelle Gladwin-Wood and Tiisetso Rapasa 4 May 2017

Contextualising ‘expropriation without compensation' debate

With present government's renewed vigour to speed up and enhance land redistribution and amend the Constitution to permit expropriation without compensation, an overview of current legislation places the debate in context...

By Chantelle Gladwin-Wood and Tenielle Combrinck 20 Apr 2017

Conveyancing attorneys - their role in a property transaction

The change of ownership of an immovable doesn't happen when the Offer to Purchase is signed, or even when the purchase price is paid to the seller...

By Adrian Goslett 18 Apr 2017

New NEC4 suite of contracts includes dispute resolutions

NEC4 suite of standard form contracts, including the widely used engineering and construction contract, will be released on 22 June 2017.

13 Apr 2017

The Expropriation Bill - not the draconian law property owners and investors may think

We have recently heard a lot of populist rhetoric centred on the need for more aggressive expropriation policies and "expropriation without compensation"...

By Michael Evans 11 Apr 2017

The proposed agri land ownership Bill and its implications

If the Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill is enacted in its present form, it will have far-reaching consequences on the agricultural sector...

By William Midgley 10 Apr 2017

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France fines Facebook for data protection breaches

PARIS, France: France's data protection agency said Tuesday it had fined Facebook for collecting information on users without their knowledge, following a probe of the social network in cooperation with other European regulators.

18 May 2017

Daily Mail pays Melania Trump damages over escort claim

LONDON, UK - Britain's Daily Mail newspaper apologised to US First Lady Melania Trump and agreed to pay her damages over an article that included allegations that she worked as an escort in the 1990s.

18 Apr 2017

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