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Land audit still not completed

The land-reform programme has generally been tardy, which has created uncertainty in the agricultural sector. The biggest challenge for the land reform programme remained...

2 days ago

Amended legislation could see landlords liable for VAT on leasehold improvements affected by tenants

The 2017 Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill and Draft Tax Administration Amendment Bill were recently released for comment...

31 Jul 2017

Land expropriation without compensation: Possible impact on the South African agricultural economy

Land expropriation without compensation may fast-track land transfer to previously disadvantaged people, but it will also seriously damage the agricultural sector and lead to economic collapse...

By Hamlet Hlomendlini and Pusho Makgolane 28 Jul 2017

Mining closures are all about planning

Coupled with the global movement of protecting the environment and leaving communities better off, mine closure is a complex process rather than a single event...

27 Jul 2017

A 10-point plan to accelerate orderly land reform in South Africa

A more than 365-year history of colonialism and apartheid have indelibly affected land, heritage and human rights in South Africa...

By Professor Quinton Johnson 26 Jul 2017

Landowners called to report invasive plants

Landowners who have listed invasive species must notify any relevant competent authority, in writing, of the listed invasive species occurring on that land...

24 Jul 2017

Rights of property owners against drones

William Merideth from Kentucky achieved notoriety in 2015, when he shot down a drone flying over his property. In defence of his actions, he claimed that the drone was spying on his sunbathing daughter...

By Jonathan Ripley-Evans and Elizabeth Sonnekus 14 Jul 2017

Task team to bust Gauteng slumlords

A task team will be set up by the Gauteng Provincial Government to deal with the illegal occupation and hijacking of buildings...

11 Jul 2017

Legal aspects of renting out a property should be incorporated into lease

While many landlords use a “standard lease” when signing a rental agreement with their tenants, it should be noted that there are various legal aspects of renting out a property that might not be included in such a lease, says Michael Bauer, managing director of estate agency

11 Jul 2017

Greater clarity needed on exclusive lease agreements in grocery retail sector

The Grocery Retail Market Inquiry (GRMI) is a crucial step towards finding much-needed clarity on the ongoing problems with long-term exclusive lease agreement provisions between landlords and supermarkets...

By Johan Coetzee 6 Jul 2017

Judge steps aside from Bromwell case

Residents will continue with their complaint against acting judge Weinkove at the Judicial Service Commission...

By Ashleigh Furlong 6 Jul 2017

Unlocking servitude access in ‘landlocked' property

There is relief offered for owners of ‘landlocked' parcels of land to acquire the rights to traverse the land of another, in order to reach their own...

By Chantelle Gladwin-Wood and Gary Boruchowitz 5 Jul 2017

Amended property sector code is now legally binding

The Amended Property Sector Code, which was gazetted for public commentary towards the end of 2015, is now legally binding to entities and organisations operating in the property sector, says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies...

3 Jul 2017

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Business mistakes too many law firms make

Being a really good attorney does not mean that you are a highly talented businessman or entrepreneur. This is something that is really important to understand since there is a pretty large number of law firms that end up bankrupt because of business related reasons, not because of problems caused by hired attorneys. With this in mind, here are some of the really common business mistakes that often appear with law firms and that can be disastrous in the long run.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 1 day ago

British American Tobacco facing Africa fraud probe

LONDON, UK - British American Tobacco is being investigated for possible fraud regarding company activities in Africa, it announced on Tuesday.

3 Aug 2017

Ex-Barclays CEO appears in court over fraud charges

LONDON, UK: Former Barclays chief executive John Varley appeared in a London court on Monday, 3 July 2017, over fraud accusations, the first time a boss of a global bank has faced charges arising from the 2008 financial crisis.

5 Jul 2017

EU states have right to ban Uber: top lawyer

LUXEMBOURG CITY, Luxembourg: EU member states can ban ride-hailing pioneer Uber without informing the European Commission because at heart it is an ordinary transport company under their jurisdiction, a top EU lawyer said Tuesday, 4 July 2017.

4 Jul 2017

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