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Why must I pay levies to CSOS?

Most people know of the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS) and that levies must to paid to fund its operations, but some issues are causing confusion...

By Professor Graham Paddock 1 Dec 2017

How the world needs to change as regions get drier

By combining these interventions, there's a better chance of managing water sustainably for domestic and agricultural use...

By Dian Spear 1 Dec 2017

Minister threatens to cut off water to 30 municipalities

Thirty of South Africa's municipalities that have failed to honour outstanding water bills have until early next month to start paying up...

By Kyle Cowan 28 Nov 2017

Exploring the impact of using AI in the built environment

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recently launched a report exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the built environment and its impact...

24 Nov 2017

New app launched to connect people to places to work

Three South African entrepreneurs recently launched an app that connects people to places to work, collaborate and network...

14 Nov 2017

Growthpoint launches G-Eco waste-to-soil initiative

G-Eco (Growthpoint Eco) is the latest green initiative from Growthpoint Properties, a pilot project that turns the large volumes of food waste generated by client businesses at its properties into compost...

6 Nov 2017

Gauteng recovers illegally occupied buildings

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (DID) has launched an initiative to recover government buildings that are illegally occupied...

1 Nov 2017

Delta Property raises first-half distribution 1.02% to 46.40c

Delta Property Fund, which leases office space mainly to the government and state-owned enterprises, on Tuesday, 31 October, reported just a 1.02% rise in distribution to 46.40c in the six months to end-August from a year ago...

1 Nov 2017

Preferental property management platform launched

Property management platform Preferental, previously operating in its beta phase as MyRentr, hosted its official launch recently at the Property Buyer Show in Sandton...

30 Oct 2017

New ruling prevents municipalities reclaiming undeveloped property

It has been common practice for municipalities to sell vacant properties for both commercial and residential development, subject to a title deed condition that the property must be improved within a certain period or the properties would revert back to the municipality...

By Aidan Kenny 30 Oct 2017

Spear REIT Limited sees exceptional asset growth

According to Spear REIT Limited's interim results for the six months ending 31 August 2017, the company has added in excess of R1.4 billion of new acquisitions to the Western Cape-focused portfolio and...

23 Oct 2017

Simplify your property management with Rentorr

South Africa startup Rentorr's revolutionary service, built for renters, landlords, and contractors in SA, is expected to launch later this year, with early signups now being accepted...

Issued by Rentorr 13 Oct 2017

A smiley face may end up being no laughing matter

Sending a smiley face or thumbs-up emoji could land you in legal trouble...

By Suthentira Govender 2 Oct 2017

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Nepi Rockcastle's subsidiary closes corporate bond book-build

The JSE's largest listed property group, Nepi Rockcastle, said on Friday, 17 November, that its subsidiary NE Property Cooperatief had closed the €500m corporate bond book-build announced on Thursday.

By Karl Gernetzky 20 Nov 2017

Four creative ways self-storage units can be used for business

The major reason people go into business is to make money and expand. However, the expansion part can't take place if there's no available space.

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 15 Nov 2017

Redefine Properties to buy 25% stake in another Polish retail portfolio

Redefine Properties, the second largest SA-based property group, is due to expand its offshore property platform with another foray into Eastern Europe. It will acquire a 25% stake in a €1bn retail portfolio of 28 well-established assets in Poland.

By Alistair Anderson 7 Nov 2017

Mortgage rates are dropping; Now is the time to refinance

Although mortgage rates have taken a slight jump in the past month, they're still holding at a lower rate than they have in several years. This has naturally spurred an increase in mortgage applications and refinancing.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 6 Nov 2017

Saudi 'giga projects': tall ambitions, high risks

From a holographic lion to talking robots and flying taxis, Saudi Arabia has dazzled investors with plans for hi-tech "giga projects" - but sceptics question their viability in an era of cheap oil.

30 Oct 2017

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