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N3 Toll Route sees drastic reduction in road fatalities

Data recorded by N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) shows a 40,63% reduction in fatalities between January to March 2018 on the N3 Toll Route...

19 Apr 2018

Drunk driving needs a bad rep to support driver demerit system

Despite ramped up awareness campaigns, highly publicised death toll statistics, and the imminent threat of a demerit system, drivers continue to get behind the wheel after having consumed too much alcohol...

By Rhys Evans 26 Mar 2018

Who's to blame when driverless cars have an accident?

The news that an Uber self-driving vehicle has killed a pedestrian has made headlines around the world...

By Raja Jurdak and Salil S. Kanhere 23 Mar 2018

Understanding the lifespan of vehicle parts: brake fluid

So how often should you change your brake fluid? This is a common question workshop mechanics get asked. The braking system of the vehicle remains one of the most overlooked systems in the vehicle and can be one of the most critical too...

By Dewald Ranft 12 Mar 2018

Three focus areas for SA and its new minister of transport

Among the changes of President Cyril Ramaphosa's recent cabinet reshuffling was the appointment of Blade Nzimande as the new minister of transport - replacing Joe Maswanganyi...

2 Mar 2018

How to know when to upgrade your fleet

If your fleet is made up of cars which are costing more in their service and repair bills and which make you seem unreliable to customers, it could be time to upgrade your fleet...

21 Feb 2018

Understanding the lifespan of vehicle parts: tyres

Fleet and vehicle owners need to realise that many accidents on our roads are caused by worn and old tyres...

By Pieter Niemand 16 Feb 2018

Developing an urban transport generation

Following the introduction of trucks for long-haulage and construction in 2017, Scania recently revealed that it is extending its new truck generation design to other models, with the focus now on urban and additional low-carbon transport solutions...

9 Feb 2018

Untrained truck drivers placing strain on economy

Arrive Alive figures suggest that 27.5% of accidents on our roads are caused by trucks and light delivery vehicles. Truck accidents accounted for 4.8%...

7 Feb 2018

Women in the motoring industry

Manufacturers across the world are embarking on radical transformation in all areas of their business and automotive companies looking to develop a competitive advantage would do well to embrace diversity, taking advantage of the opportunity to foster disruption and innovation...

By Liz Segal 2 Feb 2018

German carmakers under fire for tests on humans, monkeys

FRANKFURT, Germany - German carmakers came under fire this week following revelations they helped finance experiments that saw humans and monkeys exposed to diesel fumes...

31 Jan 2018

Toyota South Africa continues recall campaign

Toyota South Africa has confirmed that it is continuing its recall campaign that commenced in July 2015 to potentially defective Takata airbag inflators...

29 Jan 2018

Driverless cars might follow the rules of the road, but what about the language of driving?

Recently, while on my way to the University of Pittsburgh's campus, I made a quick "Pittsburgh left" - taking a left turn just as the light turns green - while facing a driverless car...

By Abdesalam Soudi 26 Jan 2018

A proper fleet safety plan might just save your business

A fleet of vehicles is often one of the biggest operating costs for any business. It is also one of the most prominent representations of a company's brand.

22 Jan 2018

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