Automotive Trends 2018

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Developing an urban transport generation

Following the introduction of trucks for long-haulage and construction in 2017, Scania recently revealed that it is extending its new truck generation design to other models, with the focus now on urban and additional low-carbon transport solutions...

9 Feb 2018

Untrained truck drivers placing strain on economy

Arrive Alive figures suggest that 27.5% of accidents on our roads are caused by trucks and light delivery vehicles. Truck accidents accounted for 4.8%...

7 Feb 2018

Women in the motoring industry

Manufacturers across the world are embarking on radical transformation in all areas of their business and automotive companies looking to develop a competitive advantage would do well to embrace diversity, taking advantage of the opportunity to foster disruption and innovation...

By Liz Segal 2 Feb 2018

German carmakers under fire for tests on humans, monkeys

FRANKFURT, Germany - German carmakers came under fire this week following revelations they helped finance experiments that saw humans and monkeys exposed to diesel fumes...

31 Jan 2018

Toyota South Africa continues recall campaign

Toyota South Africa has confirmed that it is continuing its recall campaign that commenced in July 2015 to potentially defective Takata airbag inflators...

29 Jan 2018

Driverless cars might follow the rules of the road, but what about the language of driving?

Recently, while on my way to the University of Pittsburgh's campus, I made a quick "Pittsburgh left" - taking a left turn just as the light turns green - while facing a driverless car...

By Abdesalam Soudi 26 Jan 2018

A proper fleet safety plan might just save your business

A fleet of vehicles is often one of the biggest operating costs for any business. It is also one of the most prominent representations of a company's brand.

22 Jan 2018

Ford offers Kuga owners settlements to squash class action suit

Global motoring giant Ford is offering to settle the bank loans of Kuga owners whose vehicles have either caught alight or malfunctioned...

By Graeme Hosken 12 Jan 2018

Driverless cars could be better or worse for our health - it's up to us

Driverless cars - autonomous vehicles - are coming. The topic is a constant presence in media; The New York Times Magazine recently devoted most of an issue to it...

By Jim Sallis 12 Jan 2018

Durban metro police could face lawsuits over drunk driving bungle

Durban's metro police could face lawsuits from motorists prosecuted for drunk driving if their blood was drawn by an unregistered part-time nurse...

2 Jan 2018

SA's festive drivers: 46,029 speed, 15,538 unlicensed, 14,174 vehicles unlicensed

Statistics released by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) on Friday revealed the top five offences based on written traffic fines...

By Penwell Dlamini 29 Dec 2017

Audi's Safety Code allows any website to help save lives

Audi Sweden has developed a solution for distracted drivers who cause thousands of accidents each year. Instead of asking drivers to stop using their phones or block the use of them while in the car, it is asking the world's website hosts to help...

27 Dec 2017

Warning to liquor traders to toe line

Eastern Cape Liquor Board chairman Khanyile Maneli has warned traders not to sell alcohol to visibly drunk motorists as this would be a violation of their trading conditions...

27 Dec 2017

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Alfa Romeo Giulia, Abarth 595, Stelvio come out on top in polls

Recent surveys in various automotive magazines asked readers to give their opinion on what they think the best cars are for specific categories. Car manufacturer Alfa Romeo had three of its cars voted as the best.

12 Feb 2018

Nissan slashes profit forecasts after inspection scandal

TOKYO, Japan - Japanese car giant Nissan has slashed its forecast for full-year operating profit after admitting that a damaging inspection scandal last year had "adversely impacted" the firm's performance.

9 Feb 2018

Plotting a course for autonomous vehicles in India

With the rise of electric vehicles and the imminent arrival of self-driving cars in Western countries, relatively little has been said about the Indian automotive industry's initiative to develop similar technology.

7 Feb 2018

Porsche to double investment in electric cars

German sports car maker Porsche said on Monday it would double investments in electrifying its entire range by 2022, as parent company Volkswagen reacts to environmental scandals and new challenges from abroad.

6 Feb 2018

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