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Deteriorating fuel prices to hit consumers, farmers' profit margins

The cost of distributing produce across the country is still highly depended on road transport - for example, about 80% of grain is transported by road...

By Paul Makube 2 May 2018

'RobotQuartz IV' for Total Quartz engine oil

Total's car engine oil brand, Total Quartz, returns with a new international campaign...

Issued by Total 17 Apr 2018

A South African roadmap to premium electric mobility

South Africa can do more to create market access and deliver on an operating environment which makes for good business...

By Trevor Hill 16 Apr 2018

New vehicle industry sees upward swing

The new vehicle industry made an upward swing, with a total of 49,233 new vehicles sold reflecting a growth of 1.1% year-on-year...

4 Apr 2018

South African fuel franchising sector continues to grow

According to the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA), the fuel retail sector contributes 8.5% to the South African Gross Domestic Product (GDP)...

3 Apr 2018

Further price hikes: fuel prices to increase in April

It will be an April of financial woe for South Africans. The price of everything is going up - including fuel. Fill it up while you can...

By Jason Snyman 26 Mar 2018

Local inventor finds way to generate gas from plastic trash

From building alien spaceships on the set of the film District 9 to setting up his own hydroponic system at home, innovator Pierre "Pops" Pretorius always had an idea floating around in his head...

By Farren Collins 22 Mar 2018

German automakers biggest spenders on electric cars: study

FRANKFURT, Germany - Germany's massive car industry is the biggest investor worldwide in electric vehicles, a study found...

13 Mar 2018

VWs using more diesel, failing pollution tests after recalls: study

SYDNEY - Volkswagen vehicles recalled and fixed after the worldwide "dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal are using more fuel and still failing pollution tests, according to a study by Australia's peak motoring body...

12 Mar 2018

#GIMS2018: Bentley's Bentayga V6 hybrid is its greenest vehicle yet

Bentley continues to build out the powertrain options for its Bentayga SUV, introducing a hybrid version at this week's Geneva International Motor Show. The Bentayga Hybrid signals Bentley's shift toward full electrification...

By Nick Lavars 9 Mar 2018

Toyota to stop selling diesel cars in Europe

GENEVA, Switzerland - Japanese car giant Toyota has announced that it will stop selling diesel cars in Europe, beginning the phase-out this year...

6 Mar 2018

Petrol price to drop by 36 cents a litre

Wednesday, 7 March 2018 will see a significant drop in fuel prices...

5 Mar 2018

German court could open way to bans on diesel cars

One of Germany's top courts will decide on Thursday whether some diesel vehicles can be banned from parts of cities like Stuttgart and Duesseldorf to reduce air pollution, a possible landmark judgement for the "car nation"...

20 Feb 2018

Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle arriving 2019

Harley-Davidson recently announced that it will be producing an all-electric motorcycle by 2019...

19 Feb 2018

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