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Results for gamification

Fruttare uses digital to drive SA launch

Fruttare, a relatively new frozen fruit snack in the South African market, has used gamification and mobile vouchers to increase its market awareness.

18 Feb 2014 14:14

Actually it is fun and games

Gamification can make training in the workplace faster, more effective and less expensive.

By Danette Breitenbach 23 Oct 2013 07:58

Gamification for teaching in a corporate context

For those of you reading this who are not sure what gamification means it is basically using game mechanics and thinking in a non game environment to get better results from users.

By Courtney Bentley 19 Jul 2013 06:08

Should you gamify your brand?

What is gamification?
Gamification is a digital term that means bringing some of the mechanics and concepts of gaming into brand content. Foursquare is a good example of the use of gamification where users can earn badges and unlock specials by checking in. Gamification used for marketing brands usually involves incentivising users with rewards and exclusive offers, similar to traditional loyalty programmes.

By Michael Gullan, Issued by Gullan&Gullan 17 May 2013 14:05

Capitec and gamification

Gamification is essentially the concept of applying game-design methodologies to non-game scenarios to make them more interactive, engaging and fun. The use of game mechanics like points, badges, leader boards and avatars help improve motivation and learning in more formal type situations.

By Mark Schefermann 5 Feb 2013 07:03

[2013 trends] Out-of-the-box branding

No, the concepts of "tribalism", "gamification" and "engagement" aren't a promo for the latest computer game, but are in fact the trends that will characterise the way companies and consumers interact in 2013.

By HKLM Exco Team 31 Jan 2013 12:33

[2013 trends] It is no longer business as usual

No matter how slow off the mark, we have all come to the realisation that, no matter what line of business we are in, drastic measures are needed in order for us to not only increase market share but also to survive.

By Dave Nemeth 30 Jan 2013 10:44

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