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Peter Gilbert
Sales incentive programmes and turnover reduction

Incentive programs can motivate your staff to new heights, but make certain you sidestep counterproductive mistakes.

By Peter Gilbert 23 Jan 2008

Peter Gilbert
Seeking sales answers – beware the charlatans

In our time on this planet, most people encounter challenges, issues and problems. These come in many guises – hair loss, relationship issues, being overweight, work problems and pressures, health issues and, in the case of salespeople, coping with the pressures and problems of surviving and succeeding in sales.

By Peter Gilbert 30 Aug 2007

Peter Gilbert
The future's greatest sales challenges

Why is sales force training the largest employee investment most companies must make? There is no other alternative.

By Peter Gilbert 13 Jul 2007

Peter Gilbert
The hunt for sales talent

As market forces increase the importance of sales effectiveness, the importance of consistently hiring genuine sales talent becomes more and more evident. Simply poaching sales talent from competitors, or even other industries, is frequently ineffective and certainly unsustainable.

By Peter Gilbert 3 Jul 2007

Peter Gilbert
Sales emerging as a professional career

Long the corporate stepchild, ignored by academia and many senior executives, sales remains the only significant business discipline in which it is nearly impossible to obtain a university degree.

By Peter Gilbert 19 Jun 2007

Peter Gilbert
Revealing facts about sales

When last did you see a feature on sales in Business Day or Financial Mail? Advertising and marketing yes, but sales, NO! Consequently, many managers and executives and managers are poorly informed about the discipline.

By Peter Gilbert 8 Feb 2007

Peter Gilbert
Beating the 80/20 rule

Salespeople who spend at least half a day in the field with their managers are up to 10 times more productive than those who do not have the benefit of that much personal coaching.

By Peter Gilbert 31 Jan 2007

Peter Gilbert
Increasing productivity and achieving sales goals

Most businesses can identify with a simple operating rule of thumb: "20% of our salespeople bring in 80% of our sales." Yet this infamous rule actually describes a normal curve or random distribution of top, average and poor sales performers, and there are as many poor performers as strong performers. If the top salespeople of a sales force produce a substantial proportion of total sales, there is an immense opportunity for productivity increases.

By Peter Gilbert 4 Sep 2006

Peter Gilbert
Innovation in the sales environment

If you cannot differentiate yourself by what you sell, and are unwilling to differentiate by how you sell, you will, by default, have to differentiate by how much you sell it for. Hence sale forces are seeking new and innovative ways of selling products that are increasingly commoditised.

By Peter Gilbert 27 Jul 2006

Peter Gilbert
Take care of the rainmakers and they'll take care of you

What motivates the sales superstars or Rainmakers? With so many other ways to make a lot of money, why do they choose a calling in which rejection is a daily fact of life, even for the best?

By Peter Gilbert 10 Apr 2006

Peter Gilbert
Getting the real picture in sales

In most organisations, emphasis is put on the interview rather than any other selection aspect, yet few people know how to conduct an interview to get the best information from the candidate. Here are key factors that experience has proven to be valuable.

By Peter Gilbert 8 Mar 2006

Peter Gilbert
The danger of role models

I recently read an article that suggests that sales managers should take a look at the qualities that make their superstars excel, then train the average performers to those standards. This logic sounds eminently reasonable and appealing, but it is dangerously flawed and may lead managers to making seriously bad decisions.

By Peter Gilbert 31 Jan 2006

Peter Gilbert
Sales training that works

The 2003 research by CSO Insight spanned 2 000 sales forces across Europe and North America and revealed the disturbing fact that 55% of salespeople fail to hit their quotas. Given the fact that 45% of the business training spend in the USA is directed at sales training, this raises serious question about whether sales training efforts are delivering any significant return on this investment.

By Peter Gilbert 29 Jan 2006

Peter Gilbert
You can fire customers

Customers are not always right and they are certainly not always equally desirable. Certainly customers should be treated with dignity and respect, but your company should have a very clear idea of which customers they want and, more importantly, those they do not want.

By Peter Gilbert 9 Jan 2006

Peter Gilbert
Critical ''world class'' employment selection principles

The first of six employment selection principles is that describing a candidate's or employee's present skills, traits or characteristics isn't a very accurate predictor of future performance.

By Peter Gilbert 5 Dec 2005

Peter Gilbert
Opportunity Management

A recent sales article dealt with the important issue of qualifying in any sales process. However, in large complex sales involving many decision makers, basic qualifying skills fall far short of what is required.

By Peter Gilbert 28 Nov 2005

Peter Gilbert
Using the Win/Loss Analysis

The success rate for closing major new proposals is typically less than 20% when several suppliers are asked to present. Companies often spend large sums in an effort to win business, but those whose bids failed seldom get any feedback as to why a competitor was a better fit. As a result, the chances of winning the next major opportunity stay roughly the same.

By Peter Gilbert 22 Nov 2005

Peter Gilbert
Beating the 80/20 Rule in sales productivity

Salespeople who spend at least half a day in the field with their managers, are up to 10 times more productive than those who do not have the benefit of that much personal coaching.

By Peter Gilbert 1 Jan 1900

Peter Gilbert
Is your sales force a dinosaur?

In an environment where customer demands predominate because competition is both relentless and increasingly international, the world of selling must accommodate a dramatically changed world of buying.

By Peter Gilbert 1 Jan 1900

Peter Gilbert
The IT Sales Model Is Broken

We are in the midst of a genuine revolution in the way IT sales are made. At the heart of this revolution is the issue of competing on value. In many cases, the differences between traditional sales approaches and value-based selling appear to be subtle, but in fact, they are profound, requiring changes in strategy, corporate culture and selling skills.

By Peter Gilbert 1 Jan 1900