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MD of Livewired Public Relations
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    Lucinda Boddy
    Dear Journo...

    This letter has been a long time coming...

    By Lucinda Boddy 19 Jun 2014

    Lucinda Boddy
    How to develop an effective online presence

    You can enlist as many different digital tools as you like but without a comprehensive understanding of how digital platforms work as part of an integrated online strategy, they will do little for your overall business performance.

    By Lucinda Boddy 18 Apr 2013

    Lucinda Boddy
    Will the real face of PR please stand up?

    No matter the industry in question, every business sector has a completely unique set of challenges, and the PR industry is no exception. However, in the current marketing environment there are certain situations that PR professionals must handle which can be particularly tough.

    By Lucinda Boddy 8 Apr 2013

    Pictorial PR strategies
    Pictorial PR strategies

    Public relations experts are quickly catching on to the fact that visual communication is often a more powerful way of informing, educating and persuading individuals than written comunication.

    By Lucinda Boddy 25 Mar 2013

    Lucinda Boddy
    Create a personal PR plan

    As PR professionals we encourage our clients to tweet, blog and post as we are well aware of the world of opportunities that social media platforms have provided. Why then, are we so slow to build our own media profiles?

    By Lucinda Boddy 19 Mar 2013

    Lucinda Boddy
    What is digital PR?

    The first link people usually make to digital PR is to social media, but social media marketing is not digital PR and understanding the difference is extremely important to ensure the successful implementation of a digital strategy.

    By Lucinda Boddy 7 Feb 2013

    Lucinda Boddy
    PR for SMMEs

    Many entrepreneurs are unfamiliar and unaware of how PR can benefit their start-up business. There is a common misconception that start-ups don't need PR until they have made it to the top, but you don't need to be a JSE listed company to benefit from PR.

    By Lucinda Boddy 19 Dec 2012

    Lucinda Boddy
    Managing clients' expectations

    There are a significant number of misconceptions as to what exactly a PR strategy entails and how it adds value to business. This presents a considerable challenge for practitioners in the PR space, particularly with regards to the management of client expectations.

    By Lucinda Boddy 15 Nov 2012

    Lucinda Boddy
    Bad publicity is just plain bad publicity

    There can be no greater myth than the old adage, "no publicity is bad publicity". While brands and organisations cannot always control the kind of publicity they receive, how they react to negative publicity can make or break their reputations.

    By Lucinda Boddy 21 Sep 2012

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