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Eddie Groenewald

Media, Marketing and Advertising Expert
Location:Auckland, New Zealand


Eddie Groenewald has 27 years experience in the ICT industry, of which more than a decade has been in the Digital Marketing sector. He now focuses on a True Multimedia Offering, ATL, BTL and Digital.
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Current employment

Media Sales
Rhema Media -
Present - Auckland
GROW YOUR BUSINESS Rhema Media Inc. is the largest, privately owned Media Organisation in New Zealand. Operating for over 35 years. Reaching over 350,000 New Zealander's every week through 3 radio networks (Life FM, Radio Rhema & Star) and our Nationwide TV Station Shine TV (available on Sky and Freeview), as well as our print publications (Word for Today & Word for You Today). All the platforms above are also digitally enabled – online, a true Multimedia Offering, reach your target audience with Rhema’s Marketing Mix, ATL, BTL and Digital offerings. Platform Quick View Shine TV (Sky, Freeview and Digital Online) • Fiercely loyal, engaged, family orientated, home owners. • Viewership – 140 000+ All Ages • Quality viewing for the whole family Life FM (Traditional and Digital Online) • Tech Savvy, Intelligent urbanites, Trend setters, disposable income spenders • Listenership – 66 000, 18-39 years • Pop, Rock & Urban and Alternative - Gospel Rhema Radio (Traditional and Digital Online) • Socially Active, extremely loyal, decision makers • Listenership – 75 000, 30-54 years • Contemporary Music, Talk & Teach, Star (Traditional and Digital Online) • Charitable, generous and loyal empty nesters • Listenership – 27 000 people, 55 years + • Inspirational, Easy Listening, Classic The Word for Today (Print and Digital Online) • Daily Devotional • Readership – 175 000, 18 years + • Social Media Word for You Today (Print and Digital Online) • Daily Devotional for the youth • Readership – 60 000, 13 – 23 years • Social Media Our mission is to spread the message of Faith, Hope & Love to the whole of NZ. If you would like to engage with a very loyal audience & viewers that care about what they watch, then contact me on 027 405 8981 to arrange an obligation-free chat, and let me tell you why I am so passionate about Rhema Media.


Director - Marketing
1 Apr 2014 - 1 Mar 2016 - Johannesburg
Business Management and Development - Enterprise integration, notifications on a single engagement platform to a multi-screen environment, managed services - digital marketing, partner based consultation. Enterprise, API - content management system. Mobile Strategy - Hardware and Software alignment - content rendering - IOS, Windows Mobile, Android, terminals/devices - SMS/TXT/MMS/E-mail, CPC/PPC, SEO, Affiliated Marketing, Digital Strategy, Social Media. Channels targeted are SME, Retail, Corporate, informal, dealer channel, Education and Government. Duties • Business Development and Management • Solutions, Strategies, • Planning product roadmap - Innovation • Project Cost estimate/client budgeting • Out sourcing/Resource/Staff management • Disruptive Technology, Creating interactive customer engagement strategy for clients • Commercial/SLA/Quality Assurance
Senior Executive
Archer Digital
1 Apr 2004 - 1 Apr 2014 - Johannesburg
He co-founded Multimedia Solutions in 2004 as CEO and was the driving force behind the company’s growth. Multimedia Solutions was acquired by Lenco Mobile, now Archer Mobile Inc. Seattle, USA, in 2008. He served as CEO until 2010 when he was appointed as Chairman of Archer Digital. Archer Digital is a managed services company that partners with small to medium enterprises, corporate and multinational companies across a host of sectors including the automotive, financial, Telecommunications, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), retail and event sectors to help them achieve their mobile marketing goals. Key areas where messaging, mobile portals, mobile rendering, content delivery.
Technical - Executive Head of Region – Africa
Telular Corporation
1 Feb 2002 - 1 Dec 2006 - Johannesburg
In 2001 Eddie started exclusively consulting for a NASDAQ (WRLS) listed Company in Chicago, USA, Telular Corporation, were he headed the technical division for the African Sub-Saharan region and Indian Iles. Mobile Operators purchasing Telular Products which were supported by Eddie’s team was Vodacom, MTN, Celtel, MTC, Mobicom, Safaricom, Areeba, Emtel, Multilinks, Ghacell to mention a few. Technologies covered were GSM, CDMA, TDMA and AMPS.
Nokia Mobile Phones
1 Jul 1997 - 1 Jan 2002 - Johannesburg
Eddie then moved to Nokia South Africa in 1997 as Quality Assurance Engineer, where he was in charge of all fixed wireless Customer Care, Training and support sectors, After being promoted to Business Development Manager, Business to Business Solutions for the SADC region, overseeing all aspect of Mobile Automotive products and WLL (wireless local loop) services and was one of the first to introduce a true LCR (least cost routing) model into the Southern African Market, working closely with ICASA, South Africa’s Telecommunications regulator, from a regulatory aspect and all PBX vendors, Siemens, Alcatel, Phillips, Ericsson and the MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators).
Senior Specialist
1 Apr 1996 - 1 Jun 1997 - Johannesburg
He moved to Siemens as Senior Specialist in 1994, Business Systems, Enterprise Communications, he then moved to Siemens Cellular in 1995, focusing on GSM Wireless Products.
Senior Transmission Architect
Telkom Group (RSA PSTN)
1 Jan 1989 - 1 Mar 1996 - Johannesburg
He started his career at Telkom SA as Senior Transmission Architect in 1989 specialising in PDH and SDH transmission architecture.


Digital & Online Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Entepreneur and Retail, Staff development & mentorship, Sales Management, Executive, B2B Sales, B2C Sales, Leadership skills


Siemens Business Systems
Year completed:1996
Education level:Certificate
Final year subjects:Business Systems
Institution:Siemens South Africa
Telecommunications Diploma
Year completed:1991
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:Digital and Analogue Microwave
Transmission Architecture - Optic Fiber Ring Feed
Institution:National ECT
Mobile comes into its own

Mobile is now mainstream. Mobile technology has come into its own over the past few years, emerging from being a new technology to a mature one, with mobile websites (mobisites) and mobile communication being seen as mainstream channels to communicate with people. Here are some examples of this and how things will evolve in 2011 in the mobile and particularly the mobile marketing sphere.

By Eddie Groenewald 21 Jan 2011

Saving the media: using mobile to think out the box

Traditional media needs to evolve. Corporates have used mobile marketing in many ways to bypass traditional media's role. While direct marketing has been around for many years, mobile technology has made it far more sophisticated and effective.

By Eddie Groenewald 29 Sep 2010

Mobile on the move

This year is set to be a big year for the country because of the 2010 FIFA World Cup coming to South Africa. But it's also big, given the country is coming out of a recession. Cost-cutting and optimisation are key for companies this year, and mobile technology provides a number of ways for companies to improve efficiencies, while reducing costs.

By Eddie Groenewald 15 Jan 2010

RICA's impact on mobile marketing

The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA) has come into effect and, apart from the administrative nightmare of having the act implemented, the industry has been left wondering what the implications of the act will be.

By Eddie Groenewald 7 Dec 2009

Camera need fuels MMS

Camera biggest deciding factor in mobile phones; email and mobile Internet growing quickly.

By Eddie Groenewald 30 Nov 2009

When mobile marketing initiatives don't comply...

The US$90 million class action lawsuit in the US against a company for the implementation of a mobile marketing campaign highlights the need for companies embarking on such initiatives to ensure that campaigns comply with legislation and are well-administrated.

By Eddie Groenewald 15 Oct 2009

From news to entertainment, all on your mobile

The American newspaper dream is dying with readers moving to the Internet. The old clichéd picture in American movies of Dad picking up the paper from the front lawn in his dressing gown with his cup of coffee is no more.

By Eddie Groenewald 25 May 2009

Use mobile - it's a cost saver

Given the global financial crunch, companies are turning to mobile for major cost savings in their marketing and communication to their customer bases.

By Eddie Groenewald 8 Apr 2009

Mobile leads the way through the information age

Mobile technology is providing effective answers to companies and consumers trying to find their way through the information age, says CEO of Multimedia Solutions Eddie Groenewald, who also reckons that with the rise of cyberspace, companies wanting to communicate to consumers have a huge challenge in trying to do so.

By Eddie Groenewald 10 Sep 2008

Mobile marketing the flavour of the month

Mobile marketing is becoming the flavour of the month. We're seeing mobile marketing events starting to happen, newspapers running surveys, and local and international journalists calling Multimedia Solutions wanting to know more about the market. We've also seen the largest mobile advertising network in the world, AdMob, enter the local market.

By Eddie Groenewald 22 Aug 2008

From nice-to-have WAP sites to must-have mobisites

The mobile channel is no longer just a support channel to Internet and other media. Mobile websites (mobisites) now stand on their own as tools to interact directly with people who have access to the Internet and those who do not in South Africa.

By Eddie Groenewald 12 Aug 2008

Campaign management key to mobile marketing

Mobile marketing requires careful up-front planning and campaign management to ensure the best possible experience for customers. The days of crafting a message and hitting the send button to the base of customer cellphones are over. Companies need to think about what they want to say, how they are going to say it, when the campaign will roll out and managing the response from customers.

By Eddie Groenewald 20 Jun 2008

The greener fields of multimedia content

After my previous column on, a reader posted a comment stating that in the event of him being a business owner (which he is not) the column had failed to dissuade him from using SMS. While I have written on subjects like this before, I thought some practical examples may help to answer the question.

By Eddie Groenewald 5 Jun 2008

Moving on from SMS marketing

Marketers using SMS as their only form of mobile marketing need to move onto the greener fields of mobile marketing. While SMS is extremely effective under certain circumstances, it's very limited, given the fact that it can only hold 160 characters per message. It also generally has a negative experience associated with it, which does not assist in building positive brand interactions.

By Eddie Groenewald 22 May 2008

Mobile advertising spend booms

While mobile advertising spend stats are sketchy, ranging between US$ 2.44 billion by 2009 and US$250 billion by 2018, the industry is looking to make it easier for advertisers and consumers to produce and consume mobile advertising.

By Eddie Groenewald 5 May 2008

Mobile advertising showing real results

The mobile advertising space is starting to see important growth and is likely to explode in the run up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Internationally, mobile advertising and branding campaigns are starting to show significant results.

By Eddie Groenewald 29 Feb 2008

African mobile market rivals W Europe

There has been a lot of focus on Africa as the final frontier for the world of cellphones. With first world mobile markets in the East and West having rapidly matured and the explosion of mobile services in Latin America, Africa was the last place cellular networks and handset manufactures looked to for significant growth. But recent stats released by Admob, the world's largest mobile advertiser, have shown startling statistics about Africa.

By Eddie Groenewald 18 Jan 2008

Overcoming traditional advertising barriers

John Wanamaker is considered by many as the father of modern advertising. The American merchant's famous quote identifies the age-old conundrum faced by advertisers: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I do not know which half.”

By Eddie Groenewald 5 Dec 2007

Mobile campaigns missing the mark?

I laughed. I could not help it, but it was the end of the day and I read a blog on News24 from a consumer who had a bee in his bonnet about poor advertising and spared no adjective in making his point. Clearly the writer was unimpressed by the advert's attempts to make a connection with him. If anything, the advert seemed to have the opposite effect.

By Eddie Groenewald 24 Oct 2007

Mobile ticketing ideal for 2010

The introduction of barcodes into MMS means that MMS can now be used for both digital vouchers and ticketing, positioning the technology to be used in a variety of services in the run-up to 2010. While the barcode is used to validate the MMS as a ticket or voucher, MMS is also able to contain additional information about the event or shop/shopping centres where the voucher can be used.

By Eddie Groenewald 18 Sep 2007

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