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Darren Woolley

Strategic consultant & founder at TrinityP3
Location:Sydney, Australia


Darren Woolley is the founder of Trinityp3, an Australian-based a marketing management consulting company with an international network of more than 30 industry professionals that helps people to achieve commercial purpose through creative process. Website, email , read his blog at and follow him on Twitter at @trinityp3.
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[2014 trends] Ten trends in marketing management for 2014

If you want to predict the future, the first place you start is history. Looking back on the past few years here is why I predict that 2014 will hopefully be seen as 'Year Zero' for media and marketing.

By Darren Woolley 16 Jan 2014 06:20

[2013 trends] Time of choices, decisions for strategic marketing management

Last year was certainly an economic roller-coaster ride. In 2013, marketers will need to look through the uncertainty and make some longer-term plans, as well as choices and decisions, on how they will steer their brands forward. So here are some of the decisions and choices to be made in 2013, in no particular order...

By Darren Woolley 14 Jan 2013 14:14

[2012 trends] Strategically solving the conundrums of marketing complexity

The world is sitting in a now familiar state of uncertainty, with debit crisis, stagnant established markets and emerging growth markets and continued pressure to deliver increasing returns. In the face of this uncertainty and continuing increase in fragmentation and complexity, marketers will need to strategically develop more flexibly responses to deal with a range of conundrums.

By Darren Woolley 18 Jan 2012 14:47

[2011 trends] Measuring marketing success in a mass-customised fragmented world

With the slow emergence from the global financial crisis, there is now a focus on the role of marketing to drive sales performance. This is impacting not only on how marketing needs to be structured and the approach to the market and the consumer, but also in the way the engagement third-party marketing services providers.

By Darren Woolley 17 Jan 2011 14:09

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