Claudia Roth is the founder of Soul Luxury.
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Follow yourself, not your ‘likes': 5 steps on the path of progress

Take a look at the world today: brands define success by the number of social media followers, hits, likes and comments. Individuals are becoming more separate (alienated) than connected in the quest to be unique and stand out; and inauthentic leaders are forcing global societies apart. A rosy picture, isn't it?

By Claudia Roth 1 Feb 2017

#BizTrends2017: The shift from the experience economy to the transformation economy

The world is in a silent revolution. Global consciousness is growing. Passion for mindless luxury is waning. Consumers are increasingly mindful of not only what their chosen product gives them, but how it makes them feel...

By Claudia Roth 11 Jan 2017

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