Barrie Swart is the country head of Gumtree Property. He has spent a decade working in the fields of marketing, media and management in both South Africa and China, holding both an MBA and a bachelor's degree in marketing. Swart was responsible for launching ProTool For Property, a sophisticated property dashboard, that is now being used in South Africa and Mexico.
Why you are not investing in property (and should!)

When we conducted a poll last year, 66.6% of South Africans surveyed said that it's always better to own your own home...

By Barrie Swart 30 Aug 2018

How to buy to let successfully

Buying to let is a great investment strategy. In theory, someone else will be paying your bond while you own the asset, generating an income for years to come...

By Barrie Swart 31 Jul 2018

5 questions to ask before becoming a property investor

No ever asks "why" when someone says they would like to invest in property. It is generally accepted as a good investment...

By Barrie Swart 26 Jul 2018

#BizTrends2017: The need for autonomy powers real estate sales

According to a recent survey by, 57% of South Africans start their search for a new home online - while only 20% will go straight to an estate agent and 14% will wait for their weekly newspaper...

By Barrie Swart 11 Jan 2017

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