Dr Andrew Golding

Chief Executive at Pam Golding Properties
Location:South Africa


    Dr Andrew Golding, chief executive of the Pam Golding Property group, was originally in private practice as a General Practitioner on the Atlantic Seaboard from 1991 to 1996, after which he joined the family business as MD in 1996, followed by his present position.
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    Rate cut a further boost for market sentiment

    The recent announcement of an interest rate cut of 25bps, coupled with Moody's decision to not only leave South Africa's credit rating unchanged...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 29 Mar 2018

    Stable start to 2018 with no change in repo rate

    It was a stable start to the New Year with the Reserve Bank on Thursday, 18 January, announcing no change in the repo rate...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 18 Jan 2018

    #BizTrends2018: Six trends set to gather momentum in the property market

    Here are the key trends we believe will gather momentum in the property market in 2018...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 8 Jan 2018

    Steady repo rate good news for first-time buyers

    In line with general consensus among economists prior to the recent Monetary Policy Committee announcement, the repo rate remains unchanged...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 31 Mar 2017

    #Budget2017 brings some relief for first-time home buyers

    The raising of the threshold for transfer duty on properties sold for less than R900,000, up from R750,000, as announced in the National Budget, is positive news as it provides some relief for first-time home buyers...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 23 Feb 2017

    #BizTrends2017: Opportunities for sound property investment

    The divergent performances of various metros, as well as shifting demographic trends and people's lifestyle choices, ensure that there will still be sectors of the housing market that continue to flourish despite a sluggish economy...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 9 Jan 2017

    Investment in residential property in SA continues to shine

    To say that it's been a tumultuous year for the planet is definitely an understatement...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 18 Nov 2016

    Repo rate decision a timeous spring boost for home buyers

    The fact that interest rates have levelled off and remained stable following these last two MPC meetings sends a positive message to home buyers and the residential property market in general...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 23 Sep 2016

    No sign that push into property is slowing

    Cash-strapped homeowners with mortgages, who are faced with inexorably rising consumer costs across the board, will be relieved...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 22 Jul 2016

    A pragmatic view on the repo rate and residential property market

    Market sentiment is a key factor which impacts on activity in the residential marketplace, so the recent decision by the Monetary Policy Committee to further increase the repo rate - by 50bps - is likely to create a further dampening effect on housing demand...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 29 Jan 2016

    [BizTrends 2016] Growing urbanisation and densification in property market

    The existing relatively strong trading conditions in the residential property market are expected to continue in 2016...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 18 Jan 2016

    Pam Golding reviews residential property market

    While residential property markets are, by their very nature, local, diverse and nuanced, it is also a fact that all real estate markets are influenced by certain macro or global forces which ultimately shape their long-term prospects...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 11 Nov 2015

    Stable interest rate provides affirmation for aspirant homebuyers

    With rising inflation a growing concern, the decision by the Monetary Policy Committee to keep the repo rate steady was positive news, although it is likely that the increasing fuel price and proposed further hike in electricity tariffs may bring pressure to bear on the MPC's future stance...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 22 May 2015

    Transfer duty - taxing for buyers and ultimately also sellers

    Taxing a sale between a willing home owner and buyer is controversial in most countries in which it is levied; no less so than in South Africa, where it is termed transfer duty. Its critics argue that it is simply a tax for which there is no specific reason or rationale, other than to help fill national coffers...

    By Dr Andrew Golding 6 Feb 2015

    Why the property market growth is sustainable

    We now have a residential property market which has thrown off the burden of a long recessionary period while defying obstacles to growth.

    By Dr Andrew Golding 22 Sep 2014

    Über wealthy on the increase ... and on the move

    A number of recent press reports have commented on the rising property market in South Africa and in particular the manner in which the very top end of that market is performing.

    By Dr Andrew Golding 29 Jul 2014

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