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#Prisms2018: Out of Africa - an insider's perspective

The following is an excerpt from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations International (CIPRI) 2017 Maggie Nally Memorial Lecture I delivered at the House of Lords, Palace of Westminster.

By Robyn de Villiers 3 days ago

How to embrace AI in emerging markets like Africa
How to embrace AI in emerging markets like Africa

With the advent of AI, there is, perhaps understandably, great fear around the loss of work for many; however, some of this is misplaced due to a lack of understanding of what AI will truly mean for us all. And while the reality is that AI will no doubt take some jobs away, it will, in fact, create jobs too. So, what potential does it have to improve the lives of many in Africa?

By Tyler Golato and Rob Green 19 Apr 2018

The Soapbox Films team with Stein back-left.
VR and digital video storytelling as top marketing tools for 2018

Creative director and virtual reality expert Brendan Stein of Soapbox Films video production company explains how to make B2B video pop and why you need to get to the 'why' fast in your VR and video marketing, or else.

By Leigh Andrews 19 Apr 2018