Women in rural Tunisia mix hot sauce with business
Women in rural Tunisia mix hot sauce with business

MENZEL MHIRI, Tunisia - These Tunisian women have some sauce, pooling their resources and a seasoned culinary expertise handed down the centuries from mother to daughter. Their secret? Harissa - the spicy hot pepper paste used to add zing to dishes traditionally prepared in North Africa's Maghreb region.

By Eleonore Voisard 7 Dec 2017

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Global Soil Organic Carbon Map a powerful tool for sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation

With carbon as its main component, soil organic matter is crucial to soil health and fertility, water infiltration and retention and food production. Conserving and restoring soils, as a major carbon storage system, is critical for both sustainable agriculture and mitigating climate change. FAO, marking World Soil Day, launched a comprehensive global map showing the amount of carbon stocks in the soil.

6 Dec 2017

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Made-in-Rwanda Expo ends with calls to buy local

The fourth edition of the annual Made-in-Rwanda Expo concluded yesterday with a call from leaders to embrace locally produced products in order to support the government's target to boost the country's foreign exchange reserves. The trade fair, which brought together hundreds of exhibitors from across different sectors, was taking place at Gikondo Expo Ground.

By Julius Bizimungu 6 Dec 2017