Dr William Mapham.
#Designindaba2018: SA's crowd-sourced solution for a global problem

It's always a pleasure to see a South African take the stage at Design Indaba. So, when Dr William Mapham, an ophthalmologist hailing from the Eastern Cape, who conceived the Vula app whilst working at the Vula Emehlo Eye Clinic in rural Swaziland and experiencing first-hand the difficulties faced by rural health workers in need of specialist advice spoke on Day 2, you could only feel the pride... and his talk was so inspiring, it brought tears to many in the audience and received a standing ovation!

By Sue Disler 2 days ago

Design Indaba's global graduates. Image credit:  Design Indaba website.
Ten global graduates at Design Indaba

Kicking off on Wednesday, 21 February - Friday, 23 February, the 23rd edition of the Design Indaba will see ten global graduates presenting projects that speak to the water crisis, the power of sound, social entrepreneurship and so much more.

By Juanita Pienaar 20 Feb 2018