ParkFind - the solution to Cape Town's parking woes
ParkFind - the solution to Cape Town's parking woes

Ask any office worker, company representative, business person or housewife what the most annoying thing about driving in Cape Town is and they'll tell you: it's the difficulty of finding a good parking spot in Cape Town! As this busy cosmopolitan city grows in stature and size, parking space is at a premium, wherever you go. Our client, Street Parking Solutions, is a Cape Town-based company that manages parking marshals in and around the city's busy central districts. They provide parking management solutions to on-street and off-street parking sectors, using a combined approach that involves people, technology and effective processes. When they needed unique and effective assistance with solving some of Cape Town's parking woes, they approached us for a mobile solution.

Issued by 4i 20 Jun 2017

#BizTrends2017: Five steps to improve your lead conversion
#BizTrends2017: Five steps to improve your lead conversion

The inability for the automotive industry to embrace change is staggering. It's almost as if the only positive movement comes in the face of insurmountable evidence that smacks you between the eyes while sitting in an ExCo meeting pouring over declining CSI stats, conversion rates or sales data comparisons. That, or a clear and obvious strategic change from a competitor that will expose a weakness in your own operation or a gap in your product line-up.

By David Sieff 11 Jan 2017

Further slump in new car sales

New vehicle sales continued to decline in September with Naamsa reporting a 12% decrease over the corresponding month last year. Total industry sales for September were calculated at 55,733 (including “unreported” AMH sales) which represents a 14% decline over the previous month.

Vital to understand vehicle financing

The large number of approaches concerning finance problems received by the Motor Industry Ombudsman, are a clear indication that motorists generally are not aware of the implications of buying a vehicle, according to Ombudsman Johan van Vreden.

GMSA has 14.2% of vehicle sales

General Motors South Africa (GMSA) sold 8,238 new vehicles in August with passenger vehicles topping the list at 4,027, followed by 3,952 Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) and 259 trucks.

Six stars for Scooby's pre-owned programme

Subaru Southern Africa (SSA) has formalized its pre-owned vehicle business with the introduction of the Subaru Six Star Pre-Owned programme, launched recently as an expansion of the franchise.

Is your child safely seated?

Many parents and others who transport children are ignorant of the importance of correct safety restraints for small children to ensure their safety.

New car sales on the rise in July

Total vehicle sales for the month of July came in at 58,843 with passenger sales accounting for 36,874 units and commercial vehicles accounting for 18,484 units. The figures were 6% down on the corresponding month of 2006, but 6% up on the June 2007 figures.

Winter car sales still cooling down

During June 2007 a total of 34,142 new passenger cars were sold in South Africa. Total new passenger car sales in June declined by 4.4% when compared to May 2007, and shows a 19.5% decrease when compared to June 2006. This brings the total number of new car sales for the period January to June 2007 to 6.8% below the level achieved during the same period in 2006.

Goodwood – a feast for the motor-mad
Goodwood – a feast for the motor-mad

From decades-old motor sport icons to modern symbols of motoring excellence… they were all there at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the world's premiere gathering of motor sport legends – those in the metal as well as the men and women.

Toyota sells one million Prius hybrids

Toyota has announced a significant milestone for the company with sales of Toyota's hybrid Prius topping the one million mark. Total sales of these fuel efficient, low emission vehicles reached 1,047,000 on 31 May.

A South African legend returns to TT races

Paddy Driver, a legend in South African motor sport, has been invited to join in the fun as the Isle of Man celebrates the 100th anniversary of the TT, the famous motorcycle road race, during the first week of June.

Prevent road deaths in Africa - Desmond Tutu

The G8 must act to ensure new road development does not lead to more deaths on African roads, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has warned in advance of an African road safety conference.

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