Mike Archer, creative director, Adwork, Lagos, Nigeria.
How to increase ad spend in Nigeria

"There's plenty, plenty money in Nigeria," Dele, an Uber driver in Lagos, tells me and he's right. The glitter and gold palaces on Banana Island are testament to the fact that Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa. Or it was until the crash in the international oil price, which hit a low of $26 per barrel in January 2016, at a time when Nigeria's budget was predicated on an average oil price of $75 per barrel.

By Mike Archer 2 days ago

Amna Elshandaweely's latest fashion collection launched at Design Indaba 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa.
#DesignIndaba2018: Fashion with a social conscience

For Egyptian fashion designer Amna Elshandaweely, the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt in 2011, changed her life as she left the corporate world for fashion, becoming a social activist in the process and changing her life and the lives of those influenced by her activism.

By Louise Marsland 3 days ago

Dr William Mapham.
Image © Christopher Larson/Scott Gorman.
#Designindaba2018: SA's crowd-sourced solution for a global problem

It's always a pleasure to see a South African take the stage at Design Indaba. So, when Dr William Mapham, an ophthalmologist hailing from the Eastern Cape, who conceived the Vula app whilst working at the Vula Emehlo Eye Clinic in rural Swaziland and experiencing first-hand the difficulties faced by rural health workers in need of specialist advice spoke on Day 2, you could only feel the pride... and his talk was so inspiring, it brought tears to many in the audience and received a standing ovation!

By Sue Disler 3 days ago

Cape Town Film Studios.
African influence on Hollywood films

In the wake of the success of the Black Panther movie which opened globally last week, CNN Marketplace Africa this week examines Africa's ever-increasing influence in Hollywood.

3 days ago

Econet Media subsidiary Kwesé buys iflix
Econet Media subsidiary Kwesé buys iflix

Econet Media subsidiary and pan-African media company Kwesé, yesterday announced its acquisition of the world's leading internet TV service for emerging markets, iflix. This merger, which extends the long standing partnership between Kwesé and iflix across the African continent, will see Kwesé acquire majority shareholding in iflix to form a new dynamic TV and mobile offering across sub-Saharan Africa.

3 days ago

New SES VP of sales to expand video business in Africa
New SES VP of sales to expand video business in Africa

SES Video has announced the appointment of Clint Brown as the new vice president, sales and market development, for Africa. The appointment forms part of SES's strategy to bolster its video growth strategy across Africa and continue to support video and media customers in the region.

21 Feb 2018

Sunu Gonera. Filmaker. Storyteller.
#DesignIndaba2018: 'This is Africa's moment'

The Design Indaba stage was a cathartic moment for the first speaker of day one, Zimbabwean-born filmmaker, Sunu Gonera, who told Bizcommunity.com that it was a "coming of age moment" for him to tell his own story to his peers and have it well received.

By Louise Marsland 21 Feb 2018

Boniswa Pezisa, BBDO South Africa group CEO and Gau Narayanan, Net#work BBDO MD.
SA as a launchpad for talking to Africans in Africa

Boniswa Pezisa, BBDO South Africa group CEO, and I, recently chatted to an executive MBA class from Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania, USA) about using South Africa as a hub for growing into the rest of Africa. The class hoped to gain insights into doing business in South Africa, as well as the opportunities and challenges that local and multinational companies see across the continent.

By Gau Narayanan 21 Feb 2018

Tomi Davies, president of the African Business Angels Network.
'Now is the time to invest in Africa'

Africa has developed from a continent once viewed as a lost cause to a land of vibrant opportunity, particularly when it comes to business angel investments.

By Tomi Davies 20 Feb 2018

Don't overlook consumers in Africa's rural areas
Don't overlook consumers in Africa's rural areas

It's a mistake to rule out rural spaces and consumers, especially in Africa. Global commerce is fiercely competitive, with business leaders and investors still waking to the vast potential of Africa's burgeoning consumer market. The continent, now home to more than 1.1 billion people, will account for one-fifth of the world's population by 2025. Sub-Saharan Africa's population stood at 1.03 billion last year. What's especially significant is that well over 637 million - 61.6% - of these men, women and children live in rural areas.

By Ben Leo 20 Feb 2018

Design Indaba's global graduates. Image credit:  Design Indaba website.
Ten global graduates at Design Indaba

Kicking off on Wednesday, 21 February - Friday, 23 February, the 23rd edition of the Design Indaba will see ten global graduates presenting projects that speak to the water crisis, the power of sound, social entrepreneurship and so much more.

By Juanita Pienaar 20 Feb 2018

Thomson Reuters launches Eikon mobile app in Africa
Thomson Reuters launches Eikon mobile app in Africa

Thomson Reuters has announced the launch of the Thomson Reuters Eikon mobile app to give their customers in Africa access and instant connection to financial analysis.

20 Feb 2018

The next step in your marketing? You're probably already using it
The next step in your marketing? You're probably already using it

As noted futurologist Roy Amera observed in 2006: "We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run, and underestimate the effect in the long run."

By Adam Howatson 19 Feb 2018