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Inaugural African Cristal Festival set for October

The African Cristal Festival, reportedly the first 'Summit for Media and Communication' dedicated to the African continent, will take place from 25-27 October 2012 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. This event aims to bring together the media and communication industry to promote regional culture through competitions that will showcase and reward creativity with a local approach that will celebrate the different languages, dialects and formats of advertising specific to the region.
The two-day festival is expected to bring together industry leaders as well as major advertisers from the media and advertising industry from both regions (ad agencies, media, brands, producers, research companies etc). The event format includes workshops, debates, exhibitions, screenings, master classes and high level seminars by industry leaders.

The objective of the festival is to promote advertising creativity, and to showcase a variety of international and regional work from the industry by means of a diverse range of creative competitions and through the sharing of knowledge. The event format puts networking at the forefront of the festival enabling advertisers, agencies, medias and producers to meet and discuss the future of their business, from both a global and a regional perspective.

What to expect...

The first edition of the event will take place over two days and will focus on five aspects:

  • Jury and competitions: An international and regional panel of leading creatives will gather to reward the best advertising campaigns created and broadcasted over the African continent.

    Showcase of the best creative campaigns rewarded during the Cristal Festival in Europe & Middle East. The African Short List will also be showcased as the results are decided. This will allow for benchmarking and provide an inspirational platform for both regions to learn from.

  • Conferences and Workshops: A number of leading professionals from the industry will unite to debate and exchange on the evolution of the advertising and media market in the region and internationally. This will be the occasion to share best practices, forecast trends and enable the professionals from the region to learn and be inspired.

  • Award show and gala: Culminating point of the event; the gala event, will be an opportunity to identify new African trends and to highlight local culture and promote the best of African creativity.

  • Networking: Based on the success of our existing event formats, the African Cristal Festival will also provide key networking opportunities for attendees to exchange in a convivial atmosphere.

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