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HiFi Corp opens first store in Zambia

Forming part of the upmarket Manda Hill Centre in Lusaka, HiFi Corp opened its first store in Zambia in July 2012. Since then it has welcomed thousands of customers eager to experience its promise of tech shopping made easy.
The decision to move into Africa was an easy one, comments marketing executive, Neil McLean. "One only has to look at the demand for cellular products north of the Limpopo to know that technology is hot property in Africa. The company is well-known as the market leader in the tech category in South Africa, offering the widest product range and the most competitive prices - it was only natural that we should extend into the continent."

He adds that the move was not without its challenges, involving negotiations with government, the landlord of the Manda Hill Centre, as well as contractors and sub-contractors to ensure that the store lived up to its recently-revamped brand image and the expectations of customers.

Staff switched on

Another challenge involved finding, recruiting and up-skilling staff members to ensure that they also lived up to the new brand promise of 'switched on', which encapsulates the brand's commitment to 'tech shopping made easy'.

"This 'Switched on' means we understand our customers' needs, our products and offer a service that bridges the gap between the two. It means talking to our customers in a language they understand, remaining relevant and up-to-date, and instilling a sense of confidence in the purchase."

All new staff members were trained in Zambia, while managers were offered the opportunity to fly to South Africa to experience the brand first-hand. Across the board, all 80 employees have been trained in the 'Art of Service', and are committed to being 'switched on'.

"No matter how young or old, how rich or poor, whether they hail from Lusaka or the Copper Belt, whether they are buying for K10 000 or K10 000 000, our customers will be treated exactly the same. Respect and dignity is key in our stores and our staff want our customers to be part of what we are doing. We are a family and our customers are part of that family," he concludes.