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Property Trends 2018

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Atterbury opens European headquarters in Leiden

South African property developer Atterbury opened its new European headquarters in Leiden, Netherlands on Friday, 10 November. Atterbury Europe focuses on shopping centre investments and retail development opportunities in Europe. From the Leiden Central Offices, it aims to expand its operations particularly in the Mediterranean and in the upcoming eastern European region.
InnovationQuarter’s Chris van Voorden presents a special plaque to Atterbury Europe’s CEO Henk Deist, on behalf of the City of Leiden, InnovationQuarter and the NFIA. Photography: © Daniel Verkijk

Expanding to Europe

Having developed real estate across South Africa and on the African continent over the last 23 years, Atterbury expanded its activities into Europe in 2014, starting out in Austria and now concentrating operations in Leiden from where the development of prime commercial, retail and residential property in Europe is being managed.

Atterbury Europe’s CEO Henk Deist: “As our business grew into a meaningful size, we decided that from an economical and practical perspective our activities should be centrally headquartered in Europe. The Netherlands was chosen, not only for its competitive fiscal regime, but also for its access to top professional advisors and the fact that the Dutch use English as their main business language. We are five employees in the office, that is when we’re not travelling – four South Africans and a Romanian, on the lookout for the first local to join – we have enough space for growth!”