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Finding new paths forward for sustainable energy

In 2011, the National Science Foundation (NSF) created the Sustainable Energy Pathways (SEP) program to spark innovative energy solutions that meet societal needs without creating burdens for future generations.
NSF envisions such solutions being domestically generated, at a reasonable cost, and not dependent on rare resources - while avoiding adverse environmental or societal consequences, not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and preserving essential ecosystems.

Following a peer review evaluation process, NSF has now selected 20 multi-disciplinary SEP teams that will carry out highly integrated basic science and engineering research to introduce new and sustainable energy solutions.

'SEP is the first NSF program to generate basic scientific research and innovation on sustainable energy in the context of environmental, economic and societal acceptance,' says SEP co-Chair George Maracas. 'This life cycle, or systems, approach is implemented by forming research teams with expertise in several disciplines that collaborate on a plan for sustainable energy. Read the article


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