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World Fisheries: are we managing an effective decline?

According to World Fishing & Aqauculture, fishing companies are travelling further in search of more productive fishing grounds, but at what cost? With more fishing grounds around the world reaching the point of depletion, are there any productive areas left to fish or are those being over-targeted too? Adrian Tatum reports.
The global fishing industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Fishing and aquaculture supplied the world-wide market with 148 million tonnes of fish in 2010 with that expected to rise to 154 million tonnes when final figures are released for 2011.

According to FAO's, The State of Fisheries and Aquaculture report for 2012, with sustained growth in fish production and improved distribution channels, world fish food supply has grown dramatically in the last five decades, with an average growth rate of 3.2% per year in the period 1961-2009, outpacing the increase of 1.7% per year in the world's population. World per capita food fish supply increased from an average of 9.9kg (live weight equivalent) in the 1960s to 18.4kg in 2009, and preliminary estimates for 2010 point to a further increase in fish consumption to 18.6kg.

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